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No Time for Love -draft

Abandoned by two previous lovers, Cassandra focused on her children and work. Long days at work saturated her excitement for life. In the mid of day she would take a pause then dream of a romantic hero. In her deepest thoughts she would pleasure her pussy with nervous fingers while at work. Her thirst for passion invaded her curiosity as she searched for a sexual escape.

Virtual nights led to real love. Cassandra often would start her night at the hospital. Cassandra’s son laid cradled in her arms as doctors try to ease his discomfort. Those nights left her tired yet hungry for an adventure. She found a virtual game that allowed her to be powerful and sexy. As she built her character, one man changed what would be today. Hours of love, ideas and interests kept Cassandra satisfied. Years passed and Cassandra never met her love. As their love faded Cassandra began a new adventure with a love named Zo.

Unconditional love turned to dust. At first sight, Zo would do anything to impress Cassandra. Long walks and casual outings made Cassandra feel wanted and loved. There acquaintance was friendly yet a yearning of lust sat tight between their souls. Then one day, politics came into play and Zo became distant from Cassandra. Her heart shattered to pieces but she knew this was never love. Finding her way through roses with thorns she met someone who worshipped the body that had been hidden for years behind pain.

Time put a chokehold on a shared love. Standing in the parking lot, Cassandra looked for an unfamiliar face. A look beyond strange smiles, she saw him standing there with a dozen roses. Her face glowed with curiosity as he greeted Cassandra with a kiss. It had been years since she pressed her lips against anyone. That moment took her back to being a teen on a first date. His warmth and sweetness carried over to many dates after that. Passion was a new feeling to both of them. They spent time together locked in pleasure and exploring new things. Sweet licks and anal moments put them in sync. However lust would have to wait because other goals took presence. Long nights to early mornings soaked up his time. In his absence Cassandra began to stew in her own emotions. Now that her soul lay empty she longed for understanding and a rebirth of passion.

After leaving old emotions she began a new quest of possibilities. Two loves by each other side completes life. As she laid the ground work for someone else, joy had entered her life once again. Sweet cum and cock desires still left a trace on her lips. However she knew exactly what made her pussy wet and nipples perk up. The curiosity about her life and youthful moments always satisfied her sensual appetite.

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