First Bite

depositphotos_78241568-stock-video-blood-dripping-downBen sat in the bathroom stall at work vigorously stroking his cock. Walls surrounded his perverted thoughts as he stroked faster creating pre cum. The ooze bubbling from the tip of his cock made him horny. As sexual thoughts penetrated his mind, he thought about fucking his boss, Tao.

Tao became the CEO when the previous boss was accused of stealing money from the company. As a newly minted CEO, Tao remained humble yet stern in his incredible work ethic. Beautifully handsome, he wore expensive suits while gracing the office with a lure of rosewood musk. His irresistible charm naturally made the women in the office take notice of their own appearance. Tight skirts, revealing blouses and heels became the norm. Ben became an important assist to Tao when he got promoted to an executive engineer. Every day they worked into the night solving problems and producing ideas.

Long nights at work, Tao would order dinner for the both of them. They kept to the usual spicy noodles, exotic sushi, and won tons. Ben loved spending time with his boss, sharing his ideas while watching him fill with a glow carefully listening to every word.

One night they stayed late, but Ben had to leave early for an appointment. Tao was disappointed but understood that he had a life outside of the office. As Ben left, he instantly remembered to share some written ideas with Tao. Upon stopping back at his office he noticed the door closed. He didn’t want to disturb his boss, so he slid the paper underneath the door. Walking away, he heard a soft moan of a woman. Turning back Ben got closer to the door then peaked through a broken blind. Tao had Carla the secretary bent over on the desk fucking her anal. Her grips were tight as he pumped inside Carla with powerful thrusts. Ben kept watching as her chocolate breasts swayed inside the white blouse. Instantly Ben felt his cock harden with nervous excitement.

Leaving seemed silly yet he didn’t want to get caught. Not knowing what to do with his bulge, Ben ran knocking over a chair escaping to the bathroom. The climactic scene was stuck in his head when he closed the stall door. Taking off his pants, he noticed how hard his cock had gotten. In his mind, Carla’s tits put him over the edge, but Something about Tao made his body electric.

Stroking his cock as pre cum began to ooze he hears foot steps in the bathroom. Looking through the slit of the stall door, he saw Tao fixing his romantic dark locs in the mirror. Ben’s excitement increased which made him stroke faster. By moving quickly he unlatched the stall door exposing himself to Tao. The two exchanged looks, then Tao walked over to the stall door. Ben shocked beyond belief, watch Tao unbuckle his pants. Standing with a massive rock hard cock he instructed Ben to come suck it. Ben couldn’t believe what he said, but something compelled him to get on his knees.

Inserting Tao’s cock into his mouth felt like a connection he never had before. His instant joy turned into a passion as he let Tao fuck his mouth. Saliva coated Ben’s lips as he kept sucking while stroking Tao’s cock. When Tao became satisfied he told Ben to give him some ass. Ben had no hesitation and bent over on the sink while Tao pushed his fat cock inside. The slow pumps made him fall in love but then Tao began fucking faster. As Tao exploded life into Ben’s tight anal he said, ” do you love your life?”

Ben uttered out a sensual,”yes.” As Ben gained composure he felt Tao’s lips on his exposed neck. Then Tao said, “good.” Relaxed in a surreal moment Ben felt a puncture to his neck. Slow trickles of blood stained his shirt. When he glanced at the mirror Tao had no reflection. Life escaped from his face then Tao went back into Ben’s anal.

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