Open Desire

Jonathan confused by the last two hours sat on the couch staring at a blue screen. His love of five years had ended their relationship right before his computer died. Lost in a misery unknown he laid back on the couch not knowing what to do. His miserable job became an after thought since his layoff,however; Jonathan would need money soon. He tossed around the idea of moving to Zambia but had no motivation pushing him towards that quest until now.

Nothing came easy in Zambia yet his feet on new soil gave him hope. In just a few days he landed a job at a prestigious upcoming accounting firm. As manager he directed the staff of eight employees while assisting upper management with new marketing opportunities. Working as a manager, there were several challenges which he never expected. One of those challenges, had to do with language. His frustration ended when a new receptionist named Ella started working at the firm.

Ella heard yelling from down the hall then went to assist the situation.

“How many times have I told you to put the paper in the printer this way!” Shrunken in the corner Zariah began to cry. Jonathan turned away to see Ella looking at him with anger in her light brown eyes.

“That’s enough Mr. Manager, now Zariah go back to your desk.” She wiped away Zariah’s tears then led her to the doorway. Jonathan stood there alone in the hallway trying to gather his thoughts. As he began to walk back to his office, there stood Ella with arms folded leaning against the wall.

“Traveler, do you always like to make girls cry?” She said while walking towards him. Ella had a regal stance that commanded any mans attention. She wore confidence like a super hero and never became shy around groups of men. His shoulders eased, as he began to analyze her intentions.

“No I don’t like to make girls cry.” He said calmly while still admiring everything about Ella. Her white blouse had two missing buttons which revealed two soft chocolate breasts tucked neatly into a lace bra. As she moved in closer to his stance, he began to feel a warm sensation all over. It had been five years since he had been this close to any woman.

Looking up into his eyes she said, “don’t yell again or I will make you cry.” She broke the trance then walked away. Emotions ran through Jonathan’s body but he assumed it was his anger fizzling out. He didn’t know what to think of Ella at that moment but she peaked his interest.

A few days later, Jonathan approaches Ella while sitting on a bench outside the cafe. Ella sat with legs crossed wearing a tight fitted skirt that hugged her thick thighs. Her sandy brown hair became hidden in a messy bun with a few curls escaping down the sides of her face. She smiled at him with red lips then said, “Traveler may I help you?” While looking down at her phone.

“Why do you call me that?” He said with a frown masked to his handsome face.

“Oh Traveler?” She said while putting down her phone to look at him.

“Yes why you call me that?” He said while staring at her breasts pushing firm against her blouse.

“Well your people come and go always that’s why.” She said as her phone returned to her hand.

He looked at her then sat on the bench. She moved away slightly as he pulled a cigarette from his pocket. Upon lighting the last cigarette, he turned to see her face tuned up with disgust.

“Do you have to smoke that in front of me?” She said while adjusting her skirt.

“Sorry but I feel my nerves working against me, so I smoke to keep calm.” Jonathan says as he taps out the cigarette on the bottom of his shoe.

“Well I must get back to work, Jonathan.” She looks at him with intensity in her eyes then leaves the bench. He watches her walk away and then calls out to her,” I’m not a Traveler anymore?”

She pauses for a moment then turns and says,”I prefer to call you Jonathan because it comes so easy from my lips.” She smiles then continues to walk away.

Jonathan starts to notice Ella more around the office. Her sweet perfume drags him like a drug. When she talks to him it’s as if she gives off an antidote that cures his addiction. Abandoned by an old love, Jonathan knew this feeling all to well.

As days turned into months, Jonathan began a new project for the firm. Ella assisted him with the details and stayed late to type up the reports. Each night he would walk her home but she never invited him in.

The day before the project was due they stayed late at work to hash out the final details. Ella noticed Jonathan’s frustration which made her approach him gently.

“Are you okay?” She said while massaging his back some. Her touch felt electric which put him at ease.

“I just don’t know why this won’t balance, I’ve looked at it a thousand times.” He said while adjusting in his chair still feeling her touch. Ella bent over to look at the screen and noticed a comma misplaced.

“Jonathan put a comma next to the eight and I think this will fix the problem.” She said while going back into a stance rubbing his back. He made the correction and instantly it was fixed. Immediately Jonathan got up and hugged Ella tightly. Her body within his arms felt right but he knew it was wrong. A smile radiated from Ella’s beautiful face as he let go.

“Sorry didn’t mean to grab you like that.” He said while backing away.

“It’s okay, Traveler no harm done I’m glad the issue is gone.” She said while turning to walk away.

“Hey I thought you were done calling me that?” He said while standing at his desk watching her walk away.

She turned slightly, showing off a smile but kept walking. Jonathan finished the rest of the project then went searching for Ella. Her desk sat empty, which made him go to the their boss’s office. As he got closer,he could see Ella bent over putting files on the shelf. Moving closer to her he noticed she had no panties on. Her round bottom, shook him with arousal as he stared like an animal caught in a trap. Feeling someone’s presence, Ella quickly stood up, turning to face him.

“Oh Jonathan I’m sorry but I left so you could concentrate.” She said while adjusting her skirt. Jonathan stood firm trying to fight off an erection.

“Ella it’s ok and thanks for helping me.” Jonathan said as he noticed her eyes focused on his pending erection. Her eyes quickly panned back to his where they met with curiosity.

Ella walked over to him and massaged his erect cock. Jonathan mouth agape became frozen in a trance. Ella then grabbed Jonathan by his tie and led him to the bosses desk.

“Ella we can’t do this, we are in the bosses office and I have feelings for…” Before he could say another word Ella hugged his lips with hers. Delicate fingers reached inside his pants massaging his cock. Ella then perched herself on the desk with legs open as she satisfied Jonathan’s hard cock.

Ella’s pussy felt wet as he rubbed it with his fingers. It had been so long since he felt something so tender that he began too ooze pre cum. Ella felt the tip of his cock coated with sticky cum. She then pinched the top of his cock letting the cum coat her fingers. As she looked into his eyes, she put the sticky finger in her pussy lips. Her clit throbbed with excitement which made Jonathan part her pussy lips then lick gently on her protruding mound. Heaven was on his lips with each lick that caressed her fat pussy.

Grabbing Ella From the top of her skirt, he pulled her to the edge of the desk. Her eyes illuminated the scene with lust as he pushed his cock inside her swollen pussy. The walls of her pussy hugged his cock with a wet grip that made him pump faster. Stroking her pussy, moans of desire came out like sweet notes on a piano.

Holding to his frame, Ella felt all of Jonathan’s love deep inside her. As he pulled back from her juicy caress, Ella turned over. Jonathan, spread her cheeks then pushed his cock into a forgiving anal. Slowly he went in then out of her tight anal. Ella grabbed onto to the desk as she moaned calling him, baby.

Jonathan kept fucking Ella as she rose up matching her body to his. The two were held in a lovers embrace as he cupped her breasts in his hand.

Fucking Ella at a steady pace, Ella called out to him once more.

“Fuck me Traveler, make me cry for your love.” She said with eyes closed as he kept fucking her anal. Silence crept into the scene when Jonathan said,”Ella I never want to make you cry, Ive cried enough.” As he pulled from her anal. Ella turned to face him then brought him closer.

“I know your story, and I chose you to bury your tears in my pussy. I won’t stray from your emotions nor abandon you.” Ella pressed her lips against his then hugged him feeling the beat of his heart. A small tear left the corner of his eye but Ella caught it with a kiss which made Jonathan smile.

“So I’m still a Traveler?” He said with a smirk.

“Hmm no, you are much more than I could ever had imagined.” Ella said as she wiped red lipstick from his lips.

Ella didn’t want their moment to end. She hopped off the desk then got on her knees in front of Jonathan. She put his cock in her mouth then sucked gently. As he felt every emotion, Jonathan began fucking her chocolate lips. The point of climax overwhelmed his body which made him pour lustful essence all over her mouth. She sucked him clean and then said to him, “Come home with me, Jonathan.” He smiled then as lovers do they fell in love at that very moment.

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