Daddy [bondage] [collars]

After school, I waited downstairs by the car like he told me too. A long trench coat kept the rain off my body but kissed my face with tiny drops. Looking back at the door I saw him running to the car to let me in. I sat in the back wondering where he is taking me. The front seat was for good girls only and I had been so bad. He looked in the mirror at me with a stern face while driving . I became shy, putting my head down while fumbling with the straps of my purse. The car came to a stop which made me peer out the rain soaked window. Beautiful lights sparkled like diamonds as I began to assume our whereabouts.

My daddy escorted me from the car then placed a rhinestone collar around my neck. I looked in his eyes with a slight smile as he gave me the good girl collar. Daddy likes to give punishment for bad behavior which is a whole night of nipple pinching and paddling. I knew I had done something bad yet he flashed me a smile then grabbed the leash.

Large chocolate nipples pressed through my see through blouse as he placed the blindfold over my eyes. Trembling with excitement and wonder I felt his hand grab mine. As if I had become a delicate rose, warm satin sheets kissed my voluptuous frame. Soft moans freed themselves from my full lips as daddy turned me over onto my belly. Then suddenly my collar came off which made me think about his next move.

Flooded with endless fantasies, daddy began kissing down my back. Each kiss deepened as I felt his hard cock against me. The anticipation made me wild with curiosity as to what daddy would do next. My blouse loosened from the tight skirt as daddy put his hands on my large supple breasts. Pinching my nipples then slowly caressing made me feel good. As he kissed the back of my neck I felt his large cock. Tapping my ass with head of his cock, I knew something was different. Pushing the tip in slow I gathered the silk sheets in a fist. Then he pumped slow making me tremble with lustful thoughts. As he fucked his good girl, I felt his fingers massage my pussy. His touch took me so far I began to cum with no warning.

Deep inside my ass daddy asked me unusual questions. “Do you love me princess?”, he said while going in then out my bruised anal.

Clear yet confused I let out a soft yes. Arching my back to feel his full thrust, he asked another question. “Will you marry me princess?” He said as his thrust became slow while hugging me tightly from behind. I felt tears on my back as he waited for my answer.

As I pushed my fat ass into his face of tears he spread my cheeks. Kisses in between, he began to say I love you. “I love you princess, please say yes to daddy.” His tongue caressed my anal as I succumbed to his power over me. Fucking my anal with his tongue I told him, “yes daddy I will marry you.”

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