Goose Creek

blur-door-factory-451.jpgKevin and Laura were standing by their lockers when Donovan walked by with an unusual smirk. They never talk to him but today something was off about Donovan. As they peered down the hallway staring into his direction, Donovan paused. Slowly pivoting on his heel, he turned to confront them. Laura felt an unease, as the two locked eyes as the books she held began to cascade to the ground. Kevin observed her frozen state and caught the books before they hit the floor. Donovan smiled with an evil grin then swiveled back to his initial position.

The school day was over yet they hadn’t talked about graduation day. Kevin and Laura have been best friends since they were in elementary. They had been planning graduation day since they meet years ago. As they began to refocus on their conversation about graduation, they heard a door slam shut. The halls were empty, yet they could hear painful sounds coming from Mr. Barkers class. Laura shook her head no at Kevin as he began walking towards the class room. Laura didn’t want to go, but Kevin motioned for her to come closer. Kevin got to the door first, then his visible expression began to change. Laura suddenly got up to the door and looked through the fake fog window. The room was a little dark but she saw something  not right.

Mr. Barker faced a chalkboard, writing the same sentence over and over. Kevin couldn’t make out the sentence, but he knew something was wrong. Kevin then looked at Laura letting her know he was going to open the door. Upon cautiously opening the door, there were sensual moans but nobody was in the room. Mr. Barker stood at the chalkboard not even noticing Kevin was in the there. As he began walking towards Mr. Barker, Laura came into the class room. Kevin got closer as he saw Mr. Barker write faster than before. Laura screamed as Kevin looked down at Mr. Barker waist. Two witches were sucking his cock with blood seeping out their mouth.  Kevin went to restrain Laura from screaming louder as Donovan appeared from the back of the class.

Donovan stood on top of the desk and yelled, “Welcome to my class kids.” Kevin and Laura ran to the door, but it was locked. Trying to unlock the door, Donovan appeared before them suddenly. He looked at them both with terror in their eyes then said, “I have five cocks and you two have been chosen to suck them.”Donovan pulled off his pants revealing five erect cocks. Laura and Kevin screamed in horror but their sounds became silent as cocks intruded their innocent mouths. At that moment Mr. Barker wrote on the chalkboard Happy Halloween!

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The Vodka spilled onto the sheets as we tousled in the bed. Legs wrapped under and over created a new position just for us. No love, just a fuck as he sucked my nipples while thrusting deep inside me. Smiling as if heaven had awakened me, we became something new right at the edge of the bed. The focus so serious yet I still felt like he was my sweet tender, Roni. We locked eyes then fell into a deep kiss while my grinds kept with our rhythm. Tit sucks and anal perversion make us so naughty yet were innocent. Fuck, yes I said, “Fuck me!” These words rang true as he gave me all of him than his cell phone rang. It was her and I knew what that meant. So I gathered my desire and tucked it neatly beneath my heart.  He warned me -No love



Dorthy ran through the woods looking for a safe place to hide. Naked in an unknown place she took rest by an old boat. The air was bitter yet not worthy of a coat. She escaped the sex dungeon of Draco but had to find her way home.

Upon further investigation, she found an old blanket in the boat. In a haste, she wrapped the red semi damp blanket around her naked body and began to walk. The journey seemed endless yet she knew stopping was not an option.

Approaching the highway, her fear became real. Thousands of poisoned vampires were having sex with dead humans. Monster sized cocks punished innocent mothers and fathers alike. Fleshy pussies were tongue fucked hard with no mercy. Dorthy stepped back to retreat into the woods, upon her discovery. Taking slow steps backwards she felt a tongue licking inside her anal. Intoxicated by lust she began rubbing her wet pussy. As she submitted to the vampires power, she heard a gunshot.

As she came back to herself, she seen a werewolf with a shotgun. He shot the vampire before he could kill her. In close proximity, the werewolf threw her blanket to the ground. He then put his fingers in her pussy, tasting her juices upon hairy fingertips. She began to faint as he threw her onto his massive shoulders. Then he carried Dorothy back to the sex dungeon.


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