Confession: 154

I let go of the old me just for her. We spent our nights cuddled in conversation while teasing with jealousy. She adored me like any lover would yet to fragile for those around us to know. Quiet days turned into fiery arguments at night as we both promised to be better. She wanted to be over me but somehow I led the way making her beg for my attention. Behind closed doors, she sucked on my nipples making me crease into the folds of my blanket. A cry out for love, we became the fantasy that women dream of yet afraid to reveal. Our tousling in lust led me to believe she was the only one for me. No time to share, our story became powerful each day.

Lost in our own words, she would tell me about my pussy. The desire to suck on my clit came naturally from her lips. Our dates turned into play as she watched me finger my pussy on cam. No longer strangers I did this anytime she commanded. She reached into my mind, showing me how she would fuck me. Quietly on her balcony, making me call her daddy as she pegged me from behind. Licking my clit, as I vibrated her sheets. Sucking my nipples like fresh picked cherries as her fingers fondled me. Together we were unstoppable until the day that everything stopped.
Image Credit missfreudianslit

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