Dating and Relationships

I am better

Listen carefully, I kidnapped you because he don’t deserve you. Your extraordinary beauty brings me to my knees every time I see you escape his hug. Look, let me show you what I am about. You got bills; I want to take care of that. Let’s explore more than these four walls, I can take you anywhere. You don’t have to dream no more because I have all you need so just go with me. Laying you on a bed of roses is easy work for me. Let me spread those thick thighs and put my tongue deep inside. From your neck to your navel, I am able to do whatever you want. There is no other place I want to be, please say you want me. I wish to wake up in the morning between your legs giving you all of me for eternity. So I am going to untie you and take off this blind fold off please just try see things from my perspective.

Removes blindfold then Julie stands with mouth open, looking in the eyes of her husbands father Gerald.

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