short stories

Three Times a Charm

“So go ahead tell me what happened, Natalie.” Trevor sat on the couch with arms folded looking over at her standing by the window. They had been fighting for hours, after Trevor found out that Natalie was upset about their daughters grades.

“Why won’t you face me?” He said rising from the couch walking towards the window. Natalie looked out to see a gloomy day of haze as she began to regret being with Trevor.

I can’t Trevor you mean nothing yet everything to me.” She said as a crumbled paper fell from her hand. Trevor quickly picked it up then saw it was divorce papers. He threw it back to the ground then grabbed her by the shoulders.

“Give us a chance, please!” Sorrow set in his gray eyes as he began to cry uncontrollably. Natalies eyes were vacant of love but he kept searching through them for compassion. She closed her eyes tight with one tear trailing down her cheek.

Placing his hands inside hers, she began to tell him why she is leaving.

“I watched you fuck the 18 year old girl Abbie on my bed.” Squeezing his hands tighter she kept on. “I watched you fuck Brian in our car in the parking lot.” His eyes became transfixed on hers as anger radiated Natalie’s face.

“You fucked Brian real good cramming your cock in his anal. I never seen you so happy.” She said squeezing his hands even tighter. Trevor knew he was wrong but had no words to explain his actions.

“But now that you fucked my daughters teacher I’m done.” Trevor went to confront Olivia’s second grade teacher about a bad grade. When he got there he noticed the teachers fat bottom. She bent over to get some paperwork ,with no panties in sight. His cock became hard with excitement as the teacher kept bending. Fat pussy lips bulged out which made him rub his cock. As the teacher began to turn, Trevor stood behind her pushing his cock deep inside. She moaned as he kept slamming her ass against his pelvis, thrusting into her wet pussy. She grabbed onto the desk for stability as he kept fucking her like any Marine would. Her blouse came open exposing mature tits as he kept pushing inside her hungry pussy. The two were deep in lust when Natalie appeared in the doorway watching him fuck the teacher. Anger intruded her smile as she slammed the door upon leaving . As Natalie recalled what happened earlier that day, Trevor cried painful tears.

Letting go of his hands, she looked at him then went to the living room closet. As she opened the door his father stepped out naked then said, “I’m sorry son.”

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