short stories

Dropping Dick Off

I have been a male escort for a month and I’m not sure if I like it. The hours I work are completely up to me. I work Friday’s, Monday’s and Sunday’s. If a client wants me on any other day I charge more. Although I’m pretty good at my job some things about it I don’t like.

Being kicked out of a strangers car at 2 am is no fun. I have to spend an hour just to find my way home. You would think after I let someone’s husband fuck my ass they would treat me a little better but no. I sucked his dick like a pro, he pays me then throws me out. However this happens mostly on Friday nights when they are in a hurry to get home.

Small cocks never turn me on. It never fails that a client will show up with a tiny cock. Although this saves me from anal bruises, I feel nothing. It’s like he is looking for something yet never finds it. Then they want me to suck their cock and tell them how big it is. In my mind I giggle but I go out of my way to give them the best experience. I suck their cock like candy , swallowing it whole in my mouth. I move my tongue around like a snake and vibrate my jaws to make them cum super quick.

One client can only see me on Sunday after church because he is a pastor. We spend Sunday evening fucking in his office or the car. He has tried to get me to come to his house for bible study but that’s a bit much for me. When he fucks my tight anal he thanks me for existing. His cock is huge and chocolate which is my favorite combination. He treats me dirty as we fuck telling me I’m a sinner. This language should bother me but I keep letting him fuck me as I stroke my cock. He loves when I sit on his cock calling him dark daddy. He pays more than any of my other clients which is why I don’t mind fucking all night. When he unloads cum into my ass, I force him to put it in my mouth. He drills his cock in my mouth filling it with cum. I love this so much because his eyes roll then close as he jerks his body. This lasts all night or at least until his wife calls bitching wondering where he is at.

Sometimes I want to stop fucking these men but someone needs to help these guys. As I arrive back to my apartment on a Friday night, I start to wonder what the pastor will talk about at church this Sunday.

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