Fairy Tale

Samantha tugs at her glossy red lips while looking at her curvy body in the mirror. Tonight, the man she gave all access to would be at her doorway any minute. Sliding into a tight black dress and heels, she runs to the door after it rang twice. Upon opening the door it was her neighbor Mikey. He stood with an open mouth barely able to speak as he looked at Samantha with wonder. She had no time for his outrageous antics; Sam rushed him off then closed the door. She knew it was blunt, but she had to get ready for Jalen. Meeting Jalen was something out of a fairy tale. One day she was standing at the curb waiting on a cab when he causally walked up with a striking pale rose. Smiling as if she had been in love with him forever he placed the lovely rose in her hand then walked away.

Samantha hurried back up stairs to finish her look when the door bell rang again. Assuming it was Jalen she opened the door with a broad smile. However, her smile turned to a frown when she saw tall Mickey staring back. She started to turn then slam the door as he said,”Jalen said he can’t be with you tonight and told me to give you this.” In a slight turn she looked suspiciously into Mikey’s eyes as he presented her with a pale rose. As her eyes began swelling with tears Mikey took out a crumbled paper from his pocket. She wanted to close the door on him, but she was too angry. Mikey adjusted his torn t-shirt then said, “I love you please don’t be angry at me and accept this kiss.”Mikey took the note and forced it back into his pocket. He then reached out for Samantha’s hand then said, “May I?”Her head gave a slight nod then Mikey looked into her dark brown eyes then gently pressed his lips to hers. As he pulled away he noticed her eyes were closed. Not knowing what to do next, Mikey went in for another kiss. Samantha never pulled away but instead let Mikey be her fairy tale.

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