short stories

Beg Me to Fuck You – [anal][pegging]

“Allen, I know you want to do it just give me a chance.” Walking upstairs, Rebecca kept looking back to see if he was coming. Standing by the bottom of the stairway Allen finally went up with some hesitation firmly gripping the banister. Reaching the top he saw the door ajar with Rebecca standing there in a black robe fully nude stroking her fake cock.

His mouth began to water, yet he felt so wrong for wanting her to do this. Slowly meeting her eyes, he came closer questioning this unique opportunity. Would she still see him as Allen her strong rugged husband? The questions kept coming as she took him by the hand then placing it on her thick cock. Her lustful gaze turned him on as he stared at the black cock. Slowly moving down her chubby thighs he put her cock into his wet mouth. Not really knowing how Allen gave slow sucks while putting his fingers in her pussy. Her chocolate pussy did a slow drip on his fingertips making him suck the cock faster. As he stood in his comfort, she gave a slight push to his face and told him to turn around. Again questions took place within his mind like a busy beehive yet he did what he was told.

Removing his jeans Allen knew there was no turning back. Bent over on the couch Rebecca spread his cheeks apart and squirt lube on him as well as on her cock. She put her cock in between his cheeks letting him feel the size against him. Moans made an escape from his lips just from the anticipation then he felt her slide it in. Going in slow she let him know to relax as she began to deepen inside of him. As he began to love the feeling of her being inside he told her to go in and out. Her massive tits began to jiggle as Rebecca gave pleasure to his anal. Moans became a theme to her ears as she gave him a good fuck. Then he said, “Oh yes! Fuck me I beg you to fuck me.”Rebecca ripe with love and desire took Allen on a journey he will always beg for.


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