short stories

Toe Sucker

Curled up in the bed, Harold threw a pillow at me as if we are kids. I pulled the cover down from my face to express my unwillingness to awaken. He didn’t wake me up for breakfast in bed yet a nude body stood before me. Like Romeo to a Juliet he kneeled down in front of the bed with a few red roses. Peeling back the blanket I looked beyond the crinkled sheets to behold him massaging my slightly swollen feet. Girly giggles escaped my enduring slumber as I began feeling his tongue wrapped around my toes. He treated each one to a private show by sucking on them slowly. Up until that moment I thought I knew all his fetishes but this shocked me. To my eyes he is a average guy who works as a stock broker yet when we are alone he is so much more. From his gorgeous brown eyes to jet-black wavy hair, Harold captures every bit of my attention when he enters my realm. The smiles he delivers are endless and when he puts on his glasses I know he means business. We play like this for a moment as he trails the rose up my belly then delivers a fairy tale kiss. Smiles shared with locked eyes makes me cherish him more every day in this way.

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