It Goes Boom

  When I’m at climax my mind goes fast. So please get ready for all this heat.

Confession: 360

Black and smooth with a hot rim, blows out a smokey silhouette. This separates the air between heaven and hell, which takes in an erotic desire. Come quick and pull my hair. My nails are painted red , so what does that mean? It means I’m hot like a flame and I’m ready to be yours.

Confessions 000:

I have this feeling that swells deep inside me that yearns for satisfaction. Tease me, nope nothing. Lick me, nope nothing. Talk dirty, nope nothing. I’m on that mountain high,far into the clouds and common joys are as tall as trees. I’m in it I ride till there is no stopping but it stops which kills the fun. Open the door I’ll bring you in for a second but “do you hear that ?” It’s something else lets go see . I’m here I’m in it I can ride till dawn but I always do that . Circle my nipples into a new direction. I’m not her or her or that one. I’m insatiable..

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