short stories

Area 51

Christy, danced among beautiful flowers with her new husband Gerald. Among two hundred of their closest friends and family they celebrated their wedding on the farm. The generous inheritance from Gerald’s grandfather put both their dreams into reality. After setting the wedding date a year after his death they moved to a ranch in South Dakota. Sparkly lights lit the field as they danced among smiling faces. Soon the night fell and they were all alone still standing among purple roses in the majestic field. Christy adorned her shapely body with a white off shoulder gown that flowed like loose petals. Smiling at her love, she turned then ran from his arms. Gerald quickly ran after her laughing as the two fell to the ground like clumsy kids. Both soaked in giggles they embraced closely then soft kisses. As the two shared sweet words a light came from up above which startled them both. 

Looking up, Gerald felt his body lift from the ground. Reaching for Christy his screams became in audible as he just looked at her face tuned with fear. No words came from her soft lips just a gasp of amazement. As he became sucked into the light, the field went dark. Although he was aware, there was a sense of urgency to move but he couldn’t. Strapped down naked to a cold metal table he saw two figures staring at him through a glass window. Not knowing what to do he began to scream but words were silent. As he twisted his body to see his surroundingshe noticed Christy in the table next to him. He called out to her, but she lay lifeless. Tears fallen from his weakened face as he wondered where they were. The more he struggled he could feel the two figures getting closer. Gerald began to close his eyes as the two massive green figures moved closer to him. 

Dressed in dark cloaks the tall figures began to explore Gerald body. As they stood on each side of him, they exposed long tentacles. Gerald wanted to flinch in fear but his body wouldn’t move. The long cum soaked arm touched Geralds stomach dripping with curiosity. Long tentacles rubbed on his body as he kept looking over at Christy. As he began to accept his fate, two more massive figures began playing in Christy’s fat pussy. The tall figure suddenly removed his dark worn cloak exposing a huge sticky long cock. Gerald was screaming in his mind but no words would echo to these massive creatures.Christy’s eyes opened sharply as she felt the huge cock enter into her pussy. Slamming into her wet walls the creature kept pumping in and out. Christy gave into their punishment and began to moan. Gerald could hear the soft moans, but his voice was not to be heard. As the creature fucked Christy, the other creature placed its suction like tentacles on her nipples making her moan even more. Gerald was in disbelief but loved watching her get fucked like this. 

Laying there with no way to save his wife, Gerald noticed that the creature began to suck his cock.His head swelled as he felt his cock get rock hard. Cum sprayed into the creatures mouth pushing him into a surreal moment. Gerald exhausted from the sucking anxiously watched his helpless wife get her anal penetrated by the massive creature. As the mythical creature began to collapse from exhaustion, he moved Christy’s body next to him. Not knowing what they wanted next, Gerald proceeded to suck on Christy’s chocolate nipples. Her exposed body became electrified with excitement as Gerald began to fuck his wife. The creatures stood watching as if they were merely discovering something for the first time. As Gerald fucked Christy, the creature forcibly put his long cock into her mouth. His veiny long serpent like cock filled her constricted throat. Before long the aggressive creature began vibrating uncontrollably cumming into Christy’s mouth. Wet goo dripped down between her breasts as Gerald came inside her pussy twice as hard. Tangled in a crushing embrace the two held onto each other when suddenly a brilliant light covered their nude bodies. 

Unknown darkness enhanced their new environment as they became surrounded by a familiar place. Sharing tears and kisses they stood awkwardly in the meadow once again dancing with each other. 

Do you have a alien fantasy?

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