short stories

Shirt Off

Darla would never take her shirt off when she fucked Lonnie. The fierce resistance came from being shy about her size. Enormous breast and thighs didn’t deter Lonnie, he loved big women. Some nights Darla would stand in the bathroom hesitating to come out because of what he might see. The more kisses he laid upon her tummy gave no comfort yet he wondered why. From the first time their soulful eyes met Lonnie appreciated everything about Darla. He welcomed her supple bronzed skin, luscious lips, and sparkling brown eyes. Initially, she ignored his advances as if he was a foolish man for wanting her. Yet on a frigid night her car became the middle man that would bring them together finally. Stuck at work with a stalled car, she recognizes a familiar face from work. Fixing the car that night put a positive light on Lonnie. Right then he became the superhero she always wanted and they have been inseparable ever since.

Not knowing the cause of her discomfort, Lonnie set out one night to be that superhero again. Hot and heavy drowning in kisses, Lonnie tugged at Darla’s night shirt. She vaguely smiled then shook her head no then headed off to the bathroom as usual. Determined to put her at ease, he waited on the bed for her to reappear. Stepping out the door slowly he saw her lovely smile then he noticed the longer t-shirt concealing her entire body. He smiled then asked her to come beside him. Ordinarily, Lonnie is in the bed naked yet he had on full pajamas which surprised Darla. He spooned up next to her in the bed then whispered in her ear, “Can I hold this cute belly you have?” Darla giggled with a yes and Lonnie lifted her shirt slightly then held her all night. They slept peacefully like two kids at a slumber party well into the morning.

When Lonnie woke up, he was still holding Darla as before yet something was different. Darla was fully naked wrapped in his arms. Darla turned to face him as he looked nervously at her in a lovely gaze. He looked at the bottom of his pajama shirt then nodded for approval. She giggled at him then nodded back. Lonnie took off his shirt then pressed her chocolate naked body next to his creamy vanilla skin. As he gave slow kisses down her body, she said to him, “No more shirts.”

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