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Confession: 148

An hour after meeting, I knew we were lovers.Quick smiles turned into holding hands while over looking the lake. A sudden surprise from his jacket revealed a pale rose which made me blush displaying my youth. Two steps closer he leans in then whispers in my ear, “I have been expecting you all my life.“Smiles exchange effortlessly and we become lost in each others eyes. Unaware of his strength, he picked me up then carried me to the secluded place among spring flowers and towering trees.The beauty surrounding us captured the scene like a romance novel unintentionally.  Swallowing his good looks like cotton candy, the sight of him made this moment surreal. Soon our lips touched then glued us together like stick honey that had to be licked off. Our minds met subconsciously as he parted my thighs then felt my moist panties. His touch made me submissive to his love, and I was willing to do anything. As the sun creased upon the lake we took in the scene as he pulled off my panties going in face first. 

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