A New Experience

The long flowing dress parted slighted to show off my thighs. My golden locks kissed my chocolate shoulder as the locals seemed to look in my direction. My smile made them blush as I walked passed them with a soft perfume in the air. No angry faces just smiles as I embraced New York. Manhattan laid an unfamiliar welcome but I felt at home anyway. From the Statue of Liberty to Battery Park, I loved every bit of the busy city.

So now that you know where I have been let me tell you where my next couple posts are going. Spending a week in New York gave me a new perspective and feeling not felt before. The men I seen in the city were sweet enough to eat and tough enough to climb on. I know you are eager to hear about all my experiences but I will save that for later. For now we will focus on a week of New York Fantasies. Thank you New York for showing me another side of myself.

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