Preface: Love is everlasting if you approach it in the right way. What if you married for comfort but realized sex is not the glue for your relationship. You could just walk away but what if you could exist happily by both of you having what you truly want. 

“Derrick explain how my wife ended up with anal beads inside her.” Sitting on the edge of the bed, Derrick put his hands to his head in search of a headache. Two hours before Vanessa, the wife of Steve, had bent over on the bed with her ass spread. Pushing into her anal would be a first, but she wanted it so bad. Staring at her husband with his arms cross waiting for an answer Derrick put his head down. 

“Vanessa suggested that I push the anal beads inside her because she was not sure if she was ready for my big cock.” Steve rolled his eyes then came away from the wall to get a closer look at Derrick. Looking him up then down, Steve had a sudden rush of thoughts but nothing screamed violence towards Derrick. Instead, he was hit with a case of curiosity and wanted to further investigate the situation. 

“As a rich man, I don’t understand why my wife would want someone like you.” Derrick raised his head then stood up to meet Steve at his level. 

“A wealthy man but you never fuck your wife.” Fists frozen into a ball Steve stood with his chest rising with anger. Crumbling from within Steve knew Derrick was right as he recalled the last time he fucked Vanessa. It had been over two years since he saw her fat juicy pussy. As Vanessa started waking up from a deep sleep, Derrick rushed to her side then pulled her into his arms. Standing in a trance not knowing what to say or do Steve stood with watery eyes. Turning from their affection Steve slowly turned back then said, “I just want to know do you want a divorce? Seperating from Derricks clutch she sat up in the bed as her long hair slightly kissed her nipple.

“Absolutely not, I merely want to fuck Derrick whenever my pussy aches for a cock.” Derrick brought her hand to his lips then kissed it with ownership. Settling back into Derrick‘s arms she waited for her husbands reaction. 

“Derrick, how did you manage to persuade her to do anal?” Arms folded Steve became transfixed on Derrick waiting for a response. 

“I spread her gorgeous bottom then licked all inside while saying I am your servant.” Derrick smiled at Steve then put his hands on Vanessa’s wet pussy, rubbing her clit as Steve looked on. The answer agitated him, but Steve knew he had lost his wife. However, he decided to allow her keep Derrick because he was fucking a robust woman named Linda at work. 

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