short stories

Three Places

In the living room, the brown couch became our fantasy. Draped with fat pillows we tossed them to the floor. Usually dressed professionals for the office our nude bodies moved in a rhythm as I rode my husband squeezing his cock. Hugging tight, he stopped our performance and said, “Baby have you been doing kegels?” I rotated my hips on him slowly spelling his name then said,”Meet me in the kitchen.” 

The counter top at the proper height became our next fantasy. One leg propped up on the marble counter my husband quickly came to my aid. Forcing his long cock inside me, he punished me for a naughty comment earlier by pinching my nipples. Twisting them, I loudly moaned calling him, daddy. Even though we are conservative lawyers we love to make the neighbors jealous. Its not enough that we have a spacious house with four cars, we fuck like porn stars anywhere outside our home. 

Standing on our huge balcony, I see Jenny the neighbor watering her ugly flowers. Waving like a spoiled cheerleader I said, ‘Hi!’ as she became a caricature buttoning her lips looking at me with anger. As my husband entered the picture, she waved then he blew her a kiss. She loved his youthful looks, and I could tell her pussy ached for him every time she saw him in his tailored suit. Shunning her for the moment, my husband bent me over the railing as if I was there to stare up into the sky. Legs spread, he parted my ass cheeks then licked inside my anal. Like a masterful pianist he fingered my pussy as I moaned staring at Jenny. Then as I looked down at Jenny she was standing there in front of my roses rubbing her pussy cutting my flowers in pieces. Jealousy is a bitch so when Jenny’s husband walked onto our balcony he waved down at his wife. Her mouth agape she dropped the shears observing me as I swallowed her husbands fat cock. 

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