My Boss and the Faculty [MMFM] [Oral]

It’s deadline day, and nothing is done at work. I’m so behind on my returns I can’t think straight. I want to quit, but the money is too good. Late nights turn into early mornings as we all scramble to get coffee. On those days we operate like a circus but nobody ever quits. Our boss peeks through his office blinds to make sure we are working. Occasionally he will come out of his stuffy office and stroke our ego. Tom, Brad, Kevin and myself are considered Senior Faculty. We get top pay and expensive perks to do our job. Last month I got a new Tesla and Range Rover as a gift from my boss. As we are in the middle of busy season sometimes are late nights go beyond the job.

Late into the night, I spent time talking to a client while Kevin throws wads of paper at my desk. The night is winding down and some us become goofy as we get ready to head home. Tom approaches my desk as I hang up from the last client of the night.

“What are you doing after work?” He said while playing with the cup of pencils on my desk.

“Nothing but I might grab some salad from the deli around the corner.” I said as I crossed my legs staring at his eyes.

Toms blonde hair reminded me of superman with that one curl that sat at his brow. During the day we would exchange flirts but nothing more than that. As I watched him turn and walk away a loud voice shouted at us from an office door. It was my boss. Like kids we all ran to him as he led us inside. Addressing us to sit at the table with no question in mind.

“You guys are my best, but I have to fire all of you by the end of the week.” The boss said as we looked to him for answers but still no questions in mind. Anxiety came over Brad as anger set into his face then trembled onto his lips.

“Why the fuck are we being fired? Brad said as he started to tear up.

“We did what you asked, what more do you want from us?” Tom said as he rubbed Kevin’s shoulders to comfort him.

“I want to see all of you fuck each other right here in this office.” The boss said as he straightened his tie looking at all of us for a response. Kevin looked at Brad as Tom scratched his head in wonder.

“You want us to fuck each other to keep our jobs?” said Tom as he began to raise from his chair to exit the room. Stunned by his reaction, the boss went around to Tom and stared at him with anger. Fear made Tom sit back into his seat and listen to further instructions.

“Now Brad come over to me and suck my cock.” said the boss as he unzipped his trousers pushing out a long cock. Brad looked over at me then mouthed the words ‘sorry’. I knew he couldn’t afford to lose his job, so I looked away as he got on his knees. The boss started to fuck Brads mouth pumping slow. His moans tickled my spine and made me wet from watching them both. As Brad kept sucking, the boss told Tom to eat my pussy.

“Tom pull down her panties and eat that fat black pussy please, I want to watch.” said the boss as Tom and I began to get up from our chairs. Tom got close to me then whispered in my ear.

“Honey I know this is a bad situation, but it’s okay I will be easy on you.” Tom said as he put me on the conference table while spreading my legs. The boss kept watching me as he fucked Brad’s mouth faster. Tom put his tongue deep inside pushing his tongue in and out. My mind went so far away as Tom pleasured my juicy pussy. As I was feeling the moment, the boss ordered Kevin to slide his cock into my mouth. Kevin had a look of worry on his face as he kissed my lips saying sorry. His cock filled my pink thick lips as he went in and out. As my pussy serviced Tom’s lips my boss got anxious and quickly moved from Brad. He pushed Tom to the side and started fucking me hard. Holding to the table Kevin kept fucking my mouth as the boss’s cock throbbed in my pussy. Swollen with pleasure, moans filled the room as Tom and Brad stroked their cocks.

“Tom, I want you to fuck Brad right now, do it or you are fucking fired!” The boss said pointing a finger to them both. Tom got close to Brad then bent him over the chair. His cock slid into Brad’s anal slow. Pumping inside him Brad spread his ass further as Tom filled his anal. Watching them, fuck turned the boss on even more. Lost in a mental ecstasy, the boss told us he was ready to cum.

“Lacey open your fat lips and take this cock full of cum.” The boss said as I opened wide ready for him to shower me with his essence. Tom exploded inside Brad making the boss jerk the last bit of cum onto my lips. He watched me as I swallowed then smiled as if I had done a good job.

“You guys are good now let’s get back to work.” The boss said as he zipped his trousers back up. Putting back on our clothes in walks the secretary for our boss.

“Sir is everything alright?” said the secretary as she stared at me wondering what’s going on.

“Everything is lovely, now take off your clothes Sarah because Kevin wants to fuck you.” The boss said as he closed the door behind her locking it.

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