Confession: 139

We met in a dark parking lot on a starry night. He had a nice jeep and asked me if I wanted to take a ride. Strangers in a sense, I hesitated yet my curiosity fueled my desire to know more about him. He was much older than I with a young body and dark hair. The tone of his voice let me know who was in charge. I sat in the front seat and watched him buckle me in. There was no where to go but I knew any time with him would be special. As we drove the back roads I noticed his fat cock. Erect and almost pushing out of his pants I asked him did he want some help with that. He smiled innocently and nodded yes while he drove further into the darkness. My greedy hands warmed his cock and I began stroking as he kept driving. Wondering about the taste of him, I put his cock into my mouth and sucked slowly. Moans over took the music blaring on the radio. His cock started to pump inside my mouth as I felt him accelerate in the car. My mouth swollen with pleasure, I felt one of his hands grab my breast. My nipple slid through his fingers as his eyes stayed focus on the road. Then suddenly we came to a stop, the professor looked at me then said, “Can you suck my cock before class tomorrow?” I smiled and nodded yes. Then I sucked his tip some more then said, “Can you eat my pussy after class tomorrow? He smiled and nodded yes.

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