The Vow

The brokerage firm pays me a lot which is why I’m sitting in this fancy restaurant right now. Crissy my wife is supposed to be here by now but she is probably at work still fucking Melvin her new boss. I’m not mad or upset because I’ve had my share of fucks too but tonight is our wedding anniversary. However, I thought she would at least show up on time for our special occasion. She is a bitch but a good partner in any board room. I have caught her fucking in my office several times. One day, she was on my desk legs spread while the new guy ate her pussy. A rookie no doubt, he fucked her like the worst kind of virgin. Giving him a little more credit he likely didn’t know he would be fucking on his first day at work. Crissy loves young guys especially fresh graduates. 

Looking down at my watch, she is at least thirty minutes late. I wonder if she found someone else to fuck at work tonight. I remember when she caught me in the backyard with our neighbor Laura. I couldn’t fucking resist her whenever  she would bend over to water the grass. Fat tits and a sweet ass caught my eye every time I saw her. When we first started fucking, she would suck my cock until I exploded on her face. She wasn’t that much different from my wife but the freaky things Laura did turn me on. One time I came hard and Laura took her panties then rubbed her pussy with them. Cum soaked panties gently massaged her clit as she played with them. All this action doesn’t tear us apart it makes us closer. 

An hour late, she arrives with messy hair and smeared lipstick with a smile on her face. “Did I miss anything?” She said as her fat bottom warmed the chair. “No, you didn’t, but our meal is free tonight because I fucked the Executive Chef earlier today.” 
Crissy smiled then said, “Let’s make a toast, cheers to our love.

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