A Memorable Fuck

Julian sat on the bench on starlet avenue waiting for his next trick. No formal address, working as an escort in Las Vegas for the past two years. Reaching to get a cig from his pants pocket, he thought about the fuck he had last night. The school teacher with bouncy breasts paid him five thousand dollars to fuck her anal and spray cum on her face. Last nightmade him reconsider the idea of quitting. The money paid for everything he could ever want because working in an office cramped his style. Waiting patiently, a black sedan pulled into his view. The hook-up came from the back page and from the looks of her picture she needed a good fuck. Dabbing the cig on the bottom of his shoe, he got up and approached the vehicle smiling childishly. A foot from the passenger door, it opened revealing an attractive blonde with huge tits and a curvy frame. In awe of her aesthetic, he explored the cell to appreciate the picture again. She looked different from what he has seen previously which made him tilt his head in wonder.

“Your name is?” Julian said while leaning against the car.

“I’m Diana the CEO of Rosenlock Cosmetics.” She said while rubbing her breasts examining his eyes.

So, what did a woman like you want to do with a guy like me tonight?” Julian said moving in close to her neck to lay one kiss.

“Oh, you move fast, well my apartment is right here so let’s go upstairs and get to know each other,” Diana said while moving with sass up to the apartment door.

Julian watched her ass move like a milkshake as she walked up the stairs to her apartment. She turned around observing him right on her ass. “Sorry I was making certain I didn’t lose you,” Julian said as he ran his fingers through his jet-black long hair. She smiled back at him then opened the door to her apartment. Stepping inside, he noticed luxury chairs dripping in gold and plush ivory carpet. Her apartment looked like a palace fit for a queen. She told him to have a seat while she put down her things. Julian sat on the white couch that felt like velvet. As he admired all the gold relics in her apartmentshe emerged from the bedroom door in a black robe.

Are you comfortable Julian?” She said moving closer to him sitting on the couch. Julian was intrigued by her beauty. Her nipples pressed against the robe making their impression. She noticed his eyes panning down at her big breasts, so she opened her robe. Her breasts were full youthful and perky.

“Wow, your breasts are remarkable I love them already,” Julian said squeezing each one while she smiled broadly at his comment. Going in for a nibble on her breasts, she pulled back and closed her robe. Confused by her action he moved closer to put her at ease.

“Julian, how much money do you want because I am a unique kind of woman?” Diana said as she started to part her legs to invite him in.

Well depend on what you want me to do, but I will take ten thousand if that’s ok?” Julian said as he began unzipping his jeans while sitting on the couch.

“How about sixty thousand now and ten more after we finish?” She said spreading her legs open even more. The more she talked about money the harder he got. Cock stiff with lust he got close to her and rubbed in between her thighs. Faint moans led him on a chase for her tender pussy lips as the two got closer exchanging exhales. Then as he got closer to her lips, she whispered into his ear. “Julian suck my cock.” Julian moved back quickly from her lips then stood up as if he had just woken up. “You are a man?” Julian said moving back slowly as she tried grabbing for his hand.

“No, I just have a cock, but I was born female.” She said putting her head down slowly then looking back up to see his expression.

“Look I never sucked a cock before and it won’t be today,” Julian said trying to zip his jeans back up.

“Julian, I’m sorryI will put the money on the kitchen counter I didn’t mean to waste your time,” Diana said as she laid the money down returning to her room. Julian looked at the money then grabbed it heading for the door. As he went down the stairs with a feeling of disgusthe paused upon reaching the last step. What are you doing Julian she is paying so much just for one night? Thinking about it he decided to head back up the stairs to at least comfort her.

“Look I am sorry please open the door.” He said waiting for her to open the door. Peeking out with fear she let him. She sat on the couch with an erect cock stroking it as she spoke to him.

“Do you want to be here Julian?” She said rubbing her cock up then down.

I have never done this before, but there is something I like about you.” He said while sitting next to her on the couch watching her stroke with urgency.

“Maybe start slow Julian, suck my nipples while I stroke my cock.” She said taking off her black silk robe. Her long hair reached to the perky nipple as Julian sucked it slowly. As he sucked her nipples she stroked even faster making Julian hard. His cock tented up in his jeans as her strokes made him drool onto her nipple.

“Oh yes, Julian suck my cock baby.” Julian hesitated but his lips wanted to feel her fat cock in his mouth. He went over to her then placed his lips on her wide fat cock. The size filled his mouth as he sucked deeply into his lips. Her moans intensified as she rubbed her nipples observing Julian sucking. Aroused with curiosity he kept sucking her cock as if it was meant to be. She gently started pumping her cock inside his mouth making her moan loudly. Turned on by her body Julian unzipped his jeans and began stroking his cock as he sucks hers. Julian had never been this horny in his life and wanted to fuck her so bad. Recognizing his desire, she slid her cock from his lips then turned to sit on his cock.

“Julian fuck me, dirty baby.” She said while easing onto his hard cock. Sliding up into her anal he fucked slow and steady. The tightness put pressure on his hard cock while slightly moving to the right. As he fucked her anal, she began stroking her cock again which turned on Julian so much. Stroking faster her cum exploded wildly into the air which made Julian come inside her anal. The climax exhausted him yet he wanted more. Sliding off his swollen cock, Diana stood up. Rubbing her cock, she put back on her robe.

“I guess you will be leaving right now. People usually fuck me and go. She said with sadness in her eyes walking towards the door. Julian rubbed his cock and began to put back on his jeans. Gazing at her tearful eyes, he threw his jeans back onto the floor.

“Nah, I am not leaving we are going to do this again in the showerare you ready?” Julian said gripping her by the hand running to the bathroom.

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