The Money: Part 2 [MFM]


Staring out of the dark tinted window, Samantha looked out to see the new office building of her new job. A year ago, she worked at LiqWellson Real Estate where she used to fuck her Boss and his lawyer. The pay helped her secure a luxury apartment in Manhattan, but she got bored fucking her boss. He started to demand daily office visits which became more like a chore than a session of lust. Hearts broken, she moved on to a new position as an Executive Administrator for a prestigious law firm. Double the pay with a handful of benefits made leaving her job easier. As memories of what had been ended, the door opened. An angelic hand reached for hers as she exited the car. “Welcome to Brickton Oly Law Firm,” the driver said while closing the door behind Samantha. Looking up into the sky admiring the shape of the tall building the driver stood behind as she began to walk towards the door. Samantha did a slow turn then gave the driver a nod. Red bottom heels in sync with her movements became silent as she entered the broad doors of the building.

“May, I assist you miss?” looking over her big glasses analyzing Samantha up and down waiting for an answer. “Yes, I am Samantha Thompson the new Executive Administrator.” Shuffling papers the receptionist looked for a list of new hires as Sam peeked over the desk. “Ah yes, Samantha Thompson here is your badge go to the 25th floor.” Samantha smiled as she took the badge from the miserable receptionist. Before approaching the elevator, her cell rang, it was Robert.

“Hey babe, how you like your new job?” Robert said breathing heavily.

“I just got here and I am not your girlfriend anymore certainly not your baby.” She said while pressing the elevator button. Robert sighed then became silent.

“Robert, I have to go, stop calling me!” Samantha ended the call then entered the elevator. Before closing,  a briefcase held Samantha’s progress to the top when a well-dressed man pushed apart the door.

“Sorry miss, but I can’t miss this ride I have a five o’ clock meeting.” Admiring his looks Samantha told him it was okay and the two migrated to the corners of the elevator. He glanced at her for a moment then quickly looked away. Initially, she thought something was wrong which made her adjust the black skirt easing up her thigh.

“Never seen you before are you new to the firm?” Samantha lost in his gorgeous eyes could barely answer before saying, “Yes I…” In her own thoughts she realized the doors had opened as the man exited the elevator. Wondering where he worked she proceeded to walk down the lonely hallway. Arriving at a dark steel door, she pushed it open yet feeling some resistance. Upon entering the room, she noticed a school teacher like desk and a small chair that sat directly in front. Thinking she had came into the wrong room a voice warmed her ear as he stood close behind. Grabbing her waist from behind, he spoke softly.

“My name is Gordon, and you are my personal Executive Administrator.” His deep tone pleasured her pussy in the most sensual way. She could feel his presence caressing her whole body as he whispered into her ear.

“So, Mr. Gordon is this how you greet all your new hires?” Samantha said trying to turn from his grasp. Demanding in his intention, he set her free while staying close to examine every part of her body.

“No, I do not pay any Administrator half a million dollars to work for me.” Grinning as he tries to grab her by the waist again. Samantha stood in disbelief as she moved back from him as the lights brightened in the room. Standing before her eyes a man tall with authority stood with arms folded looking like a model. She felt as if a wolf had trapped her in the corner but curiosity made leaving impossible.

“Do you expect…?”  lips parted as Samantha tried to explain his motive.

“Do I want sex from you?” Gordon stared into her brown eyes while watching her big thighs tremble looking for a chair. Emotionally unmatched for what he had in store he walked up holding on to her before she collapsed to the floor. In his arms, he kissed her forehead then put her on top of his desk. Her fat bottom covered half of the desk as she sat like an innocent child waiting on her daddy to speak.

In between her legs he began unbuttoning her blouse. Samantha wanted to say no as he reached the third button but her pussy said yes. Her legs parted as he felt the outer lips of her pussy softly caressing it like a toy. Aroused he moved in closer kissing her luscious pink lips while speaking to her in French.

“Open this pussy up to me if you really want this money baby.” Gordon said with authority as he exposed his long fat cock. Teasing her pussy, he rubbed his cock on the clit making it drip a little. Pussy wet with desire, Gordon put his face deep inside sucking on her clit. Her grip tightened onto his neck as he licked her pussy like candy. As moans became louder, Samantha heard a feminine voice enter the room.

“Your five o’clock appointment is here Sir.” The receptionist said as she turned to walk back to the door.

“Come here Lilly, taste this pussy I know you want to.” Lily smiled as she hurried back over to them. Samantha confused with what’s going on watched as Lilly spread her thighs apart and licked deep inside her pussy. While her tongue was deep inside Samantha, Gordon had lifted Lilly’s skirt and started fucking her from behind. Staring up at Sam, Lilly called out his name as he fucked her faster. As she poured sweet cum all over his cock, Gordon slid out while smacking her on the ass. Sam with legs wide open watched as Lilly pulled up her skirt and exited the room.

“Samantha my five o’clock appointment is here please bend over on the desk.” Samantha not knowing what would happen next bent over onto the desk. Arms stretched to each corner pressing her large breasts into the wood of the desk waiting. As she began wondering two voices became clear as she spread her legs to align with the desk.

“Samantha this is Jarvis my new intern, he is my Accountant.” Gordon rubbed his cock between Samantha’s cheeks then spread them so Jarvis could slide in. Jarvis firmly in Samantha’s tight pussy began fucking her slow. Hips in motion he pushed further into her pussy fucking faster. Gordon watched as he stroked his cock feeling Jealous of Jarvis as he fucked Samantha. Moaning softly, Gordon put his cock into her mouth to silence her momentarily. Gordon fucked her mouth as Jarvis slid out stroking his cock spreading explosive cum on to her welcoming ass. Hot like fire, Jarvis couldn’t get enough and began licking his cum from in between Samantha’s ass. Jealousy set in again which made Gordon dismiss Jarvis from the room. Holding his cock while still stroking it Jarvis bowed in submission and left the office.

“Samantha, do you want the job?” Gordon said while sliding his cock deep inside Samantha slowly pumping inside her. Feeling his cock swell her pussy she became focused yet filled with lust.

“What are my daily duties?” Samantha said as she felt him pounding her.

“Just please me when I want and earn 500,000 dollars every month.” Gordon pumped as he faster waited for a reply.

“Samantha, do you want the job?” Gordon said.

“I’ll be here at 8 am tomorrow.” Samantha said as she tightened on his cock making him moan.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Gordon said fucking Samantha as Lilly entered the room again.

“Does she want to stay Sir?” Lilly said as she walked back into the scene undoing her long red hair while taking off her shirt.

“Yea she is a keeper, suck on her nipples Lilly.” Lilly massaged Samantha’s breasts then circled her tongue around her nipple.

“Fuck yes! You both get a raise; Lilly when is the next appointment?”

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