short stories

Standing Alone

When Jamison left me for a new life far away I cried. We shared so many moments that shaped who I am today. From tears to laughter we spent our time in rewind. Always trying to find ways to be in love yet not in love. Both of our bodies have been shared between us to help define our desires. Some days we would get lost in arguments and then there are nights when we would seduce each other into submission. Stars in our sky’s as we lay awake into the night huddled in comfort as we spoke words of love. No matter how far,  our souls connect especially when the other is in pain. Every detail never goes unnoticed even hard nipples pressed through a shirt. That scene softens angry moods and puts us together once again. Operating like puzzle pieces we get thrown in the air then fall on the table trying to correctly match. As we find our way back there is a ripple in trust that divides us down the middle and no one takes blame. A picture is not enough and words do nothing when it goes this way. Looking out the window I see Jamison walking towards something new leaving me behind. Part of me thinks he will turn around but I know he has had enough. Our sweet soda pop love has all but fizzed out but we still have dirty thoughts. One look back to each other and we want to be inside exploding with cum as our lust blurs the main reason. Far off in the distance, he is away from my eyes and I stand in nudity all alone.

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