I knew I was ready when I put his cock in my mouth. As he pushed inside my lips I became energized. Moaning softly, he felt the wetness of my mouth. Tingles down my spine encouraged me to suck slow. My mouth welcomed his size nicely as he fucked my lips passionately. I don’t know if I love him but his taste completes my soul. As we become one he looks into my eyes for permission then overflows my mouth sweet cum. A smile appears on my face as his love pours generously. I swallow with pride as I suck his cock making sure I leave not a trace of lust behind. Gently fucking my mouth till the end of his climax he looks at me then pulls out slow. I start to miss the taste of him, but he shows me pure love as he holds my hand. I stand solid before his tall frame as he picks me up carrying me away.

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