Grease Monkey

Hands covered in oil, Miguel propped his body against the wall of tools that decorated his garage. Grabbing a small white towel from his back pocket, he wiped his worn hands. Standing tall among his auto relics he waited for Connie to enter the garage.

“What are you up to sweet thang?” Connie says as she enters the garage bearing a thin white ragged crop and tiny black shorts that barely cover her thick thighs.

“Oh me? Your local mechanic…Well, I’m not up to much just fucking around.” Miguel tosses his towel onto the work bench as he watches Connie slide onto the hood of his cherry red Mustang.

Miguel looks over her shapely body as her nipples poke through her transparent shirt. Smiling with ease, he walks over to her with legs spread looking like a princess on the hood of his car. Standing before his wife, he puts each hand firmly on her knees then leans in for a kiss. Slowly pulling back from her juvenile pinkish lips, he smiles then asks the obvious question.

“Such a fat ass on my hood, do you reckon that’s a good thing?” He awaits a smart reply but becomes captivated by her beauty as she takes off the sexy crop shirt. Squeezing her firm sexy round tits, she gazed into his eyes wanting him to fuck her. Staring down at his cock, she said, “It’s very fat but fucking you on this car is all I want to do. “The two locked eyes as he brought her closer wrapping those thick thighs around his waist. Kissing down her neck she held onto him tightly while he placed a trail of kisses down her chest.

“As your local mechanic I am inclined to service you sweetie, advise me where you want my large pipe.” Aiming her finger down at her pussy, Miguel smiled as he carried her away from the garage and into the house.

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