Confessions · Livia's Office

Confession: 135

When I recall his name it sticks to my senses like sweet candy. Not the kind of candy that ends up under your shoe but the one that sweats on your tongue. I can count the days I have stood close enough to see my silhouette in his eyes. He enjoys the emotional intimacy but keeps me at a distance for society’s sake.  Five reasons not to care but he does secretly as I wonder if he will come while I stand by the printer. Gathering my papers, I felt as if my stance was mirrored so I turned slightly. There he stood behind me like a sweater that could keep me warm holding my absent paperwork.  Standing close he said, “I think this paper is yours”. We locked eyes for a moment then he walked away. I tossed my long brown blondish locks to the back and went to my desk. Sitting there I felt a new presence it was him again walking by flashing a loving smile.  Knowing that he is still watching over me eases my mind yet tickles me all over with lust. If tomorrow comes and we met again then what?

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