Encounters, Livia's Office

Wife Dom: Erotic Short Role Play

Time: Present


Jane is at home alone when her husband calls then tells her he is not coming home. His excuse is that he has to work over time. Jane has heard this excuse for the past month and now she wants to know what is going on with her husband Harold. She puts on a black leather bra, panties, and long coat then walks out the door. Soon she arrives at her husbands job and opens the door to his office.


The door opens: 

Harold: Jane what are you doing here? I told you I am working.

Jane: I came here to see who is sucking your dick

Jane moves towards his chair then presses her heel in between his crotch. He swallows some fear and then adjusts himself in the chair. 

Harold: So nobody is here like you thought, so now what Mrs. Black leather?

Jane: I guess you will have to do something for me, since I came all this way for you.

Jane sits in front of him on the desk spreading her legs. Then takes her finger and pulls her black panties to the side. She then points a finger at Harold making him move closer to her pussy. 

Harold: So what should I do now Mistress?

Jane: Open your mouth and put your face deep in my pussy and lick it with devotion.

Harold: Yes Mam

Harold gave Jane the ultimate pleasure on his desk at work while his boss was on his knees stroking his cock by the door. 

Boss: Put me in your situation or “Harold you are fired!”…. so where were we? I want some of that pussy too.


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