‘I wanted to prove something to Kevin about treating me badly. He slept with my friend, co-worker and now Jessica the bully I have hated all my life.’

‘Kevin breathe,’ I said while tightening the last part of the rope around his foot.

‘What is going on?’

‘Well I found out you were cheating and now here we are in our bedroom of twenty years.’ Walking to the foot of the bed Laura faces him head on flashing an evil grin.

‘No I never cheat on you please believe me.’ Her eyes stared into his soul as she tapped his foot with a black whip.

‘Kevin I have video, so let’s watch scene number one.’ His became eyes wet with tears, he watched the screen fade to white as Laura’s friend gives Kevin a blow job at work.

‘No Laura please no I love you!’

‘Do you love me?’ Laura fast forwards the video and her co-worker Bethany is fucking Kevin behind Starbucks. The whip firmly in her hand she passes it over his chest as if marking a spot to torture.

‘Laura please that was a mistake.’

‘The only mistake is you fucking Julie, a woman who has tortured me my whole damn life.’ Laura smiles again then cracks the whip against the bed post.

‘Laura untie me now!’

‘I will soon but I brought you several gifts that I know you will enjoy.’ Kevin’s eyes widen as ten naked women came into the room.

‘They are going to fuck you for forty eight hours, please enjoy.’

Laura drops the whip to the floor then throws several strap on to the naked ladies.

‘Make sure you ladies fuck him hard.’ Laura walks out the bedroom closing the door as she hears faint screams from Kevin.

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