Confession: 104

The more I denied him my body, my pussy kept pulsating for his. Each time we would connect I would say no. His disappointment lite his face with despair and I just looked through the camera like he meant nothing to me. Each pulse of my lips between my thighs proved that I want him just as bad. In the shower I would touch my lips rubbing them as if he was in there. At work I would sit at my desk and when no one is looking I would part my legs and rub my pussy lips as if he should of been there. Then one night I got into my car and decided to Skype him. He looked at me intensely with bright eyes wanting for something but not asking. I looked at him and put the camera in front of me so he could see the pleasure oozing out the two lips he wanted to kiss so badly. As my pussy pulsated from my touch he began to jerk faster on cam. He exploded suddenly and I licked my lips and blew him a kiss. The connection cut suddenly and he was back in his world and I began a new journey of my own.

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