Bar Noise

Sitting at the bar, Clara looked sexy in her all black lace button crop and skirt. She adjusted her large bottom in the chair and swung one leg against the stool. Out the corner of her eye she saw a tall man with dark curly hair staring at her. Her first thought seemed juvenile so instead she looked at the bartender then ordered another drink. Turning around to spy on the stranger she noticed he left. Taking a sip from her drink she heard a voice say, “Hi I’m Devon from New York and your name is?” Clara looked into his eyes and gave a wink then said, “Ditto.” Looking amused he smiled back at her then said, ” So your name is Devon too?” She tried not to smile but he smelled too good not to. He looked all over her body and touched her knee with a gentle squeeze. Clara smiled back at him and said, “Not while I am drunk.” She returned to her drink and then he whispered in her ear, “Not while I’m drunk either.” Adjusting in her chair, she began to fan her self with her free hand as if the temperature had rose within the bar. All she could do was smile into his dark romantic eyes as he leaned into her once more whispering, “Have some coffee, come back later because I own this place.” She laughed loudly and then stopped her giggles as he smiled at her again before leaving the bar.

Clara went home to regain a better perspective. Her thoughts ran wild before she decided to go back to the bar sober. When she arrived the door was open and there was Devon sitting on top of the bar staring at her. “Glad you could came back Ms. giggles,” he said as he jumped from the bar and walked up to her. Clara’s heart started to race when Devon grabbed her by the hand. “Umm its so hot in here, don’t you think?” she said trying to fan herself with a free hand. “Actually its cold in here but if you are hot I have something just for you.” He took her over to the bar and instructed her to lay down on top. She giggled at first but she knew he was serious, so she laid down on the bar. “Ya know I hardly ever see such a pretty woman as yourself, with large breasts and big bellies.” She wanted to get up but there was a magnet pulling her to stay. “The only way to cool down such a body like yours is with ice.” He pulled out an ice cube while unbuttoning Clara’s shirt. Her breasts separated then her nipples perked up quickly. Devon drew a circle around her nipples with an ice cube flicking his tongue as she moaned with desire. As her body fell into him more he got on top of the bar then laid his body on hers, still tracing the ice cube around her nipples. She moaned even louder as his bulge poked through her lace skirt. Kissing down her belly, Devon began to massage it in circles loving each fold within his hands. Then he pulled down her skirt and looked at her beautiful chocolate and pink pussy. He opened up the lips wide and traced the ice within her pussy walls. Her pussy throbbed as he blew on the lips making her shake a little. “I think you are cooled down now but let me make sure.” He took the remaining piece of ice into his lips then swirled his tongue deep into her fat pussy. Sucking on her clit as the ice disappeared she began to grab his head massaging it into her juicy lips. “I hope you are cool now because I’m going to carry  you to my bed to make you hot all over again.”

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