Drip [Self Pleasure]

The situation? More awkward than you could even imagine. I’m sitting on the hood of my car while overlooking a surreal scene at the beach. The sky matches my mood, calm with happy highlights of pink. As I felt a soft breeze between thighs I began to think of Romel. Every time I see him he flashes a charming smile which pulls me in for more. While enjoying the scene at the beach I feel a second breeze between my thighs. Aligning my thoughts on Romel, I spread as I sit on the car. Moving my panties slightly to the side, I feel my pussy pulsating for attention. A warm sensation takes over my body as I think about him. I wish he could be here to shove his cock in my mouth. Knowing that someone could be watching I open my legs wider. Thoughts about Romel’s cock intensifies as I touch my fat clit. I love rubbing my pussy so much and if Romel was here I know he would lick me so deep. Lost in the moment my nipples suddenly push through my blouse forcing me to pinch and rub them. I know bragging is so bad but they are perfect to suck on. When a guy opens my shirt, the first thing he notices huge tits with fat chocolate nipples. As thoughts align with the sensation in my pussy I reach a climax never felt before. The slow drip of satisfaction made me smile sweetly as I bit my lip thinking of Romel again.

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