A Tinder Fuck [MF] [Restaurant] [Riding]

Swiping on Tinder, Ethan came across a photo of a woman named Livia Flair. Her profile had two pictures with one of them private. Her name alone made his senses tingle but he had to know more. Scrolling through her profile he saw only one sentence in her bio. He knew this was a woman he had to meet when he read, “I just want to fuck, message me.” The pre- cum in his pants made swiping right easy as he kept checking his phone each minute for a match. The day had gone on yet no matches came. The disappoint from Tinder made him go onto another dating app but no one looked like Livia Flair. Trying to forget about her, Ethan went back to compiling data with an hour left to go home. Soon the work day came to an end when he noticed a notification on his cell. The message had no introduction but a stern message that read:

Meet me at Club del Doge Restaurant at 6:00 pm.

Not knowing what to do, he promptly replied with a “yes” then went out of the office. The restaurant itself is famous which made him wonder about her more. When he arrived at the location, he saw women draped in jewels and a gorgeous dress. Trying to spot Livia in the sea of beauty a man came up to him then escorted him to a table in the back. As Ethan got closer, he saw a beautiful ebony goddess in a black off shoulder dress, red lips, and long cascading curls. Her smile invited him closer as he sat down across from her. Nails painted red she had two rings that shined brightly. In silence for a moment, she leaned across the table then said, “Do you like to fuck?” Her lips were juicy sweet yet her words were far from an angel. Straightening up in the chair Ethan nodded his head not knowing what would happen next.
Hunger had set in but his meal sat upon a white plate staring back at him. As he thought about taking a bite, Livia stood up and sat closer to him. Heart racing, he noticed her nipples pushing hard against the ruffle of her dress. Her dress raised above the knee she put his hand on her thick thigh. The touch of her soft skin made him want to surrender with permission. Hand up under her dress Ethan felt as if he had been given the most extravagant gift on earth. Pussy throbbing with passion, he massaged her clit while noticing how perfect it felt between his fingers. Parted cherry lips gave a subtle moan from her lips which proved she was wet with desire. Rubbing her fat pussy made his cock stiffen with lust as her legs spread even more. As he became comfortable Livia stood up to face him. In a surreal moment, she sat on his lap then sucked his lips into hers.

The restaurant saturated in watchful eyes kept focus without uttering a single word. Ethan lost in passion pushed his cock up inside Livia making her ride him up and down. Grinding on his hard cock, Livia felt a tap on her shoulder. “Miss, you can’t have sex in the restaurant,” said the waiter trying not to look at them fucking in front of everyone. Livia turned while sitting on Ethan’s cock staring at the waiter. Then she said,” I own this restaurant and unless you are going to eat my pussy then get out of my face.” Ethan shocked yet intrigued by her power continued to fuck Livia while everyone turned back to their meal.

Grease Monkey

Hands covered in oil, Miguel propped his body against the wall of tools that decorated his garage. Grabbing a small white towel from his back pocket, he wiped his worn hands. Standing tall among his auto relics he waited for Connie to enter the garage.

“What are you up to sweet thang?” Connie says as she enters the garage bearing a thin white ragged crop and tiny black shorts that barely cover her thick thighs.

“Oh me? Your local mechanic…Well, I’m not up to much just fucking around.” Miguel tosses his towel onto the work bench as he watches Connie slide onto the hood of his cherry red Mustang.

Miguel looks over her shapely body as her nipples poke through her transparent shirt. Smiling with ease, he walks over to her with legs spread looking like a princess on the hood of his car. Standing before his wife, he puts each hand firmly on her knees then leans in for a kiss. Slowly pulling back from her juvenile pinkish lips, he smiles then asks the obvious question.

“Such a fat ass on my hood, do you reckon that’s a good thing?” He awaits a smart reply but becomes captivated by her beauty as she takes off the sexy crop shirt. Squeezing her firm sexy round tits, she gazed into his eyes wanting him to fuck her. Staring down at his cock, she said, “It’s very fat but fucking you on this car is all I want to do. “The two locked eyes as he brought her closer wrapping those thick thighs around his waist. Kissing down her neck she held onto him tightly while he placed a trail of kisses down her chest.

“As your local mechanic I am inclined to service you sweetie, advise me where you want my large pipe.” Aiming her finger down at her pussy, Miguel smiled as he carried her away from the garage and into the house.

NO! – A Conversation with my Wife

“Let me eat your pussy, ” Brett smiled as he looked at his wife mixing the salad then putting it on the table.

“No! I am not in the mood, ” Gloria turned swiftly back to her next masterpiece giving her husband the cold shoulder.

“Okay what do I have to do in order for you to comply with my request?” He walked up to her and put his hands around her waist like the cover of a romance novel.

“If you want to eat my pussy, then take out the trash  and clean the living room,” Brett frowned then stepped away from Gloria.

“Well I will do all of that just be ready in 20 minutes,” Brett shuffles off to do the chores while Gloria stayed in the kitchen.

When Brett finished the chores he goes back in the kitchen and sees that Gloria is not there. Then as he turns around in disappointment there is Gloria naked with her legs spread sitting on the stove.

“Pussy as you requested, Sir”