Livia's Office

A Taxing Situation- Office Sex Story

Reader Fantasy Pics and Story (2018)

Preface: This office sex story is part of a fantasy submitted to me that I had the honor of finishing for one of my readers. Please enjoy also the pic another reader submitted to me. Sometimes two worlds together can make an awesome fantasy. 

As the clock wound down to three, Livia sat in her chair waiting for the last client. Upon adjusting her blouse, a rapid tap at the door made Livia raise a brow. Nothing unusual it is Mr. Stanley without his wife. “What can I do for you, Mr. Stanley?” Livia said as a small button came loose on her blouse. Mr. Stanley stood by the door nervously staring at Livia‘s large round breasts. Livia became quickly aware of her effect on Mr. Stanley as his pants began to make a tent. She gave a naughty smile as he handed over the tax papers. Looking over his body, Livia began to feel her pussy pulse. Trying to ignore the urge to fuck Mr. Stanley she began to explain his taxes while slowly rubbing her perky nipple. Mr. Stanley transfixed on her chocolate nipples pulled out his fat vanilla cock. Livia’s breasts popped another button as she kept talking to him. As he began to ask about the taxes he gripped his cock and stroked it in his hand. She then took notice of his size as another button popped off her shirt. Moving in closer to her, Mr. Stanley stood in front of Livia and slide his fat cock in between her huge tits. Her pussy swelled instantly and she let out a soft moan as he fucked her massive breasts. Livia began sucking his large cock as he went in between her breasts. Their passion made it hard to concentrate on the taxes but Mr. Stanley was determined to get the job done. “Oh fuck yes Livia, suck that cock baby.” Livia made his cock so wet she began to feel a tingle in her tight pussy. “Mmm Livia, how much you think we will get back on our taxes?” Livia took Mr. Stanley‘s cock into her hand and stroked it up then down. “Well Mr. Stanley I think you will get the biggest refund yet this year.” Loving what he heard from her lips Mr. Stanley shot a flawless load into her mouth. Livia swallowed his cum with professionalism as she handed him back his paperwork. “See you next year Mr. Stanley,” She said as she laid the last kiss to his wet cock. 

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