The Tie


Christopher is something intangible in the office. His cool smile and charm make women swoon into submission. “Can I get you a coffee Christopher?” is the common question that buzzes around the office. Every day at 3 pm, he puts on a small show as he removes his tie. Nobody knows why he does this at three, but the hallway aligns with women drooling at each step. Un-tuck, pull and separate are the instructional moves he makes as I watch him like a intense sport. Masculine strong hands sweep through his dark locks as he winks at the women in the hallway. They giggle to his amusement then shuffle off back to their desks. I watch with my brow raised above my glasses as he licks his lips taunting me. I know very well what I could do with Christopher if I had him for just a coffee break. Would I pleasure him? No, he would certainly have to earn all that have to give. As I focus back on my tasks, Christopher stops by my desk then presses his huge cock against my chair then spins me around to face him. My eyes widen with curiosity as he rubbed his swollen cock right before me. Words began to utter from my lips when he came closer to whisper in my ear, “Come to my office and take off my tie.


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