Confession: 128 Mr Lovell

“Where should I start Livia? Oh from the beginning, alright let me sit with my chilled cognac.”

I am a man with unique desires, which is why I prefer to be rich than grovel with the trash among the street. Anyway I have let it be known that I fancy a particular type of woman. I never knew what to call them but the term bbw does fit quite nicely. I could never keep my mind away from their plush soft bodies. Laying among the vast belly of seduction cures all my emotional pain.

When I first opened my law firm, I began too look for staff, particularly a secretary. After months of interviews I finally met a woman of unique proportions. She came in with girly smile and fat bottom that would make any chair smile. I know it was wrong but I would have her in my office daily to take notes. Her breasts glided together in her shirt like soft pillows in a fight. Every now and then she would drop her pen. As she bent over I would imagine sliding my thick cock up in her ass.


“Oh we are done for now Livia?”



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