Lola’s Cab Ride -Valentine’s Day


I know that I‘m just a young guy caught up in lust but there has to be more.Just sitting at my desk, I can smell her perfume which has a scent of roses, I think. Lola is nothing like any woman I have ever seen. She has a likable inviting face, large round butt and lovely huge tits. Sometimes at work she wears v-neck shirts which shows off her blossoming cleavage. One look at her and instantly I have pre-cum in my pants. I have joked so many times about taking her out but she just laughs as I slowly die inside. All I need is just one moment with her, and I know that she will be mine. 

Oh, its Valentines Day in the office and people look kind of sad expect for Lola. Dazzling in red she passed by me with a short dress just above her knee.My lips became instantly wet with desire as I watched her bend over to pick up a folder. It feels like I am some kind of pervert but trust me I am not. Although I am certainly not a pervert at home, I dream about smashing my face between her cheeks. There is something romantic and intriguing about her robust body. I think she also has some kind of attraction to me. I mean I am tall with medium length hair whats not to like. Sometimes I get away from my work and start day dreaming about holding her in my arms. There has been so many times that I have ran into her at the elevator but tonight something felt different about our casual encounter. 

As Lola stepped onto the elevator my heart began to race. Palms sweaty I pressed the button to close the doors. Strands of ebony hair kissed right behind her ear as I looked on with intense admiration. Her stance became suddenly different, and she turned to me with a seductive smile. Inside I was raging out of control but I calmly flashed a nervous smile back. The doors suddenly opened and like any gentleman I let her step out first. Anxiously walking behind her, she came to an abrupt stop at the curb. As I began to turn away she said,”Would you like to share a cab with me?I know my heart rate spiked at least 200 when she said this. Paralyzed by excitement, I felt her hand grab onto mine and she led me into the cab. She sat close enough that I could inhale her sweet fragrance which probably dripped down into her breasts.As I began to close my eyes and imagine us together during the ride I felt her hand on my leg. I didn’t know what to do so I just let her hands wander wherever. I knew the cab driver was getting an eyeful when I saw him tilt the visor. Her seductive allure poured out into the cab as she took off her top. I felt the cab driver swerve some, but he regained his position on the road. Lola’s breasts bounced and had perkiness that I had never seen before. The two of us snug in the backseat when Lola grabbed my face and smashed it among her enormous breasts. All I could think of was heaven and I hoped that the feeling would last forever.I kept wanting to cum so bad but Lola had other plans for me. The cab driver almost wrecked when he saw Lola straddle me. Her breasts swallowed my face as she moved in circles on my lap. Lola’s fat pussy sucked up my hard cock so fast, I couldn’t help but moan. My cock felt like it was married to the best pussy in the world. I just knew at that moment I didn’t want this to stop. The cab driver began to out moan me as I noticed him stroking his cock while driving. I became a little scared but then I figured there is no better way to die when Lola is riding your cock on Valentines Day. 

Office Crush- Valentines Day


There are no words to describe the relationship I have with Donovan. Its loving, lustful and secretive. In the office, we are the most sought after legal partners within our division. As our intelligence aligns with every case, people in the office seem to love our attractiveness and chemistry. Although there has never been a date nor a kiss on the cheek, we both feel something unique with each other. By the looks of it, we are total opposites, me with my big curvy body and him with his tall athletic frame. However, I found out a year ago Donovan likes women with more body than he can handle. Although our chemistry boils out of control we still maintain our secret crush on each other. In meetings we connect without notice by sliding my ass across his pants as I go to my seat. There has been times when Donovan has given me a pen and slowly rubbed my nipple with the tip. Our plush offices sit right across from each other and sometimes when its fairly empty Donovan likes to play.  

In the evening, when I am most tempted I will open my legs with my office door wide open. As my pussy quivers for attention I spot Donovan rubbing the front his pants. For added heat I will sometimes rub my wet fat pussy right in front of him. This goes on for a few minutes before we hear footsteps coming in closer. Sometimes it’s our boss Mr. Luverton who stays over some nights to review cases but he is no bother because he always returns back to his office. We usually both return to our normal and then laugh in the elevator about our risky encounter. Although we are hot for one another we know when to stop. 

Another case solved and here we are again isolated in the office. Feeling more risky than usual Donovan whistles at me from across the room as he removes his tie. Flushed with excitement I pull down my black panties and kick them over to the side. Slightly bent over at my desk I show my ass as my fat pussy peeks through. Overwhelmed by the sight of my ass Donovan pulls out his enormous cock and begins stroking it. As I turned to sit on my desk with legs wide open rubbing my clit Donovan strokes faster. Thirsty for his cockI began to feel that I wanted him inside me more than usual. As I tried to get a grip on my emotions Donovan started to walk across to my office stroking his cock. My eyes became enlarged as I saw his throbbing cock coming my way. However before he could reach halfway footsteps came down the aisle which made him jet back over to his office. Hurrying behind my desk, Mr. Luverton was standing at the door. Slumped slightly to one side of the door he said,” Laura could you please come in my office, this case you handed in needs more work.“Straightening myself in my chair, I nodded then followed behind him to his office. Donovan gave me a wicked smile as I passed him, pressing his hard dick against the glass window. 

“Now Laura I admire all your work but this one is baseless,” shocked by his stern words I sat down in the chair shaking in front of him. As he grabbed a glass of brandy, he looked at me intensely then asked, ” Do your nipples always get this perky when you see Donovan?“My eyes quickly panned to the floor yet I was eager to hear more of what he had to say.”You know I have an office camera, and I have been watching you two for a very long time.“In the moment, I began to come up with excuses, so I wouldn’t get fired but then he said something that made me not so afraid. Legs shaking I stood up and Mr. Luverton walked over closer to me then said, “I wish I could bury my face in that wet pussy of yours Laura.“Amused by the turn of events I took my hand and felt his hard cock through his pants. His lips wet with desire he said,” Oh fuck yes let me review this case one more time.“As his tongue went deep inside me, I saw Donovan outside the office window stroking his cock harder than before.