The Movie – Office Sex Story

“Since we are snowed in and our system is down for the next two hours, I decided that a movie was in order.” Our Vice President presented a dvd of the wolf of Wall Street. As we sat in the dark cafe he put the movie in the DVD player. Robert sat behind me and slowly began massaging my back. His touch brought me comfort although this was the first time our sexual tension had been broken. As his massage focused on my lower back, I started to feel his hands on my ass. Worried, I looked around to see if anyone was watching us but the darkness made everyone invisible. As I came into his touch, Robert leaned closer to my ear whispering with a lustful tone, “Your chocolate ass is soft like a pillow and I’m so fucking hard let me dip in a little, slide back onto my lap.” My body flushed with excitement yet I wasn’t sure about the risk but I had a skirt on so I slide on to his lap. Instantly the tip of his cock tickled my wet clit and like a magnet my pussy sucked him in. I grinded real slow on his swollen cock as he reached up under my shirt rubbing my nipples. Soft moans escaped his lips but no one noticed. Until I felt a strange hand on my arm it was James. “Please don’t stop my cock is hard too but can I rub your chocolate nipples?” I then took James hand and put it on my nipples as we all watched the movie in sync. –office sex story

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