Anywhere, Vacation

The Picnic

“Would you care to go with me to enjoy a picnic?” Robert took Laura’s hand kissing it softly as she got lost in his eyes. The two sat on the couch in an intimate stare off. “What kind of picnic?” As she looked at him with soft cherry lips. Moving in closer as if to suck on her lips, the anticipation became noticeable as her breasts pumped with excitement. Amused by her desire he said, “The kind of picnic where I lay your body on a red blanket then open your legs and kiss your sweet pussy. ” Her cheeks were like roses; they became shy to his words. He knew a picnic would not fancy her but teasing her pussy is something she thoroughly enjoys. The temperature between them became sticky and hot as he moved her on to his lap. Again she looked at him for a kiss then said, “Are you going to tongue my pussy deeply?“smiling at him so young. Rubbing her back, he slid his hands down into her jeans and kept massaging her curvy ass. “No, I am going to spread your pussy lips apart and rub my tongue in a circle on your clit, then suck it gently while fingering that sweet strawberry center.” Laura’s emotions were all over her face, as the two met for a passionate kiss while still grabbing on to her ass. “Robert, when you suck on my clit I get so wet, what will you do with all that juice?” Grinding on him, he then said, “I will suck all your fat pussy juice and then rub my cock all in it.“She felt his passion run through her body then kissed him again while whispering onto his lips,” So how far away is this picnic?”

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