Winter Coat -BBW

“Chrissy, I had no idea you wanted a coat for Christmas, please let me into our bedroom. “Pacing back and forth in the hallway Charles scratched his head waiting for a response from his wife. Chrissy opened the door slightly to reveal her gray eyes angrily at him. “Well Charles, you brought her that coat so how do you think I should feel!” Slamming the door upon his face, Charles had become optimistic yet bothered by the whole ordeal. He stood there for a moment then jetted down the stairs to rest on the couch in the living room. He could hear Chrissy stirring up in the bedroom a tornado of anger, yet he remained calm. Then suddenly an idea came to him, as he hurried back up the stairs to stand once again in front of their locked bedroom door.
Silence fell between them, yet Charles became hopeful when he pulled out his cell phone. He searched for a song within his playlist that Chrissy loved from their trip to Paris. Gently he laid the phone on the floor and let the music play so she could hear. Her pacing came to a stop then he felt her body pressed against the door for a better listen. Right then he could tell that the song brought to her mind that passionate night in Paris. Realizing he had her attention he paused the song then said, ” No more madness my love, the winter coat became home to a lady at work who had none.” Chrissy opened the door, slowly to see Charles face. His blue eyes glistened with love as he stood there in charcoal gray pajamas. They seemed to stare for eternity, when suddenly she moved in closer to his frame and softly kissed his worried lips. Smiling within the kiss, Charles pushed her against the wall and laid warm kisses to her neck. Her eyes closed then she whispered to him, “Take me back to Paris,” Charles then gathered her up into his arms and they went back to Paris as they closed the door.



Five Knights of Xmas


Laura and Stephen sat in the coffee shop staring at their coffee as steam escaped the cup. As the coffee cooled, they both took a sip then looked at each other smiling. Causally, Stephen leaned to the side then pulled out a white piece of paper which he gave to Laura. A nod from him compelled her to unfold the little piece of paper. Her cheeks flushed with a slight red color as she glanced at the note.


Laura smiled widely, then put on her long black coat and headed out the door.Awaiting her outside was a black luxurious car. Stephen stood at the door of the cafe as she got into the car with the driver. Tinted windows obscured her view but she knew she was safe as the driver revealed his comforting face. “Hello Laura, I am Gavin and I will be taking to you to the House of Manuel for the evening.” Laura casually crossed her legs will adjusting in the back seat as the driver looked into the mirror staring at her curvy frame. She ran her hands through her long black hair and then softly spoke to Gavin. “Do you know anything about my arrival at this House of Manuel?” she asked. The driver hesitant to answer said, “I know nothing about your business there but we are here now.”As the door opened for her, a hand gently reached out as she peered into the open view of a magnificent like castle. White lights illuminated the entrance as she walked to the door way. Gavin stood in the background by the car as she began to walk into the huge mansion.


The lights remained dim for a moment, then became radiant as she stepped farther into the foyer. Standing before her light brown eyes, where five men of all different statures. All of them appeared strong, tall, and came in a variety of colors. Nervous yet excited, she pulled off her coat to reveal a spaghetti strap black mini dress. The men stood in awe as her bouncy breast pressed against the see thru fabric. Her body filled with passion, as she realized what Stephen’s gift truly was. The tallest one came up to her and rubbed her nipples through her dress. He pinched them making her moan a little. Laura wanted to surrender to him but then another guy came behind her. He massaged her fat bottom while slowly lifting her dress. Her thong became lost between her massive cheeks, and he slowly pulled on it. As her pussy began to pulsate, the third guy came over to her then picked her up and carried her to another room.


Laura laid on the bed, waiting to see what was next. Her pussy wide opened, one of the guys began to suck on her fat clit.She watched his love for her pussy pull him in deep into her. Wet with desire, he got on his knees pulling out a long fat cock. Pushing deep inside her pussy Laura moaned even louder. His thrusts inside her were warm with wetness that she never felt before. Another man came and filled her mouth with his big black cock. He fucked her mouth as she swirled her tongue all over the tip making him moan with desire. As the other guy began to cum, he pulled out then squirted all over her fat belly.The fat black cock, squeezed his cum on to Laura’s lips then rubbed it on her sweet face.


Laura licked into her lips all his cum as the third guy begin to thrust inside her. He pushed in his cock smoothly fucking her juicy pussy. The fourth guy licked each of her nipples while rubbing his cock on them.He then watched the other guy fuck her faster as he began tapping his cock onto her rosy lips. As he teased her mouth with his cock, he sat above her dipping his cock in and out.Laura’s mouth became full with his large cock as the third guy kept fucking her with her legs in the air. The fourth guy slowly pumped his cum into her mouth, and she swallowed every bit. His body shook as his orgasm overwhelmed him while pulling out of her pretty mouth. Laura licked the last bit of cum from the corner of her lips as the third guy turned her over. Cheeks spread wide open, he slid his cock into her fat anal. Laura loved the feel of his cock and began pushing against him. The two became one as she fucked his cock like no other. Trembles came over his body as he pulled out spreading his cum all over her fat ass. As Laura stood up on her knees she felt two hands cupping her big breasts.


The lights became dim and all the guys had disappeared except the fifth one. She couldn’t see his face that well in the initial meeting yet she closed her eyes trusting him. He rubbed her nipples in a circular motion, then began kissing down her neck.His hand went down her belly, and he began rubbing his fingers inside her pussy. His gentle massage on her clit put her body into a state of passion she had never felt before. She wanted to surrender to him as her body began began to climax. He then arranged his hands on her cheeks spreading them, then guided her on to his cock as he laid into the bed. Laura sat on his cock while he massaged her ass cheeks.  Thrusts from his enormous cock swirled inside her pussy as she went up and down. Her pussy pulsated and she began to cum on his fat cock. Laura became surprised instantly because the only man to make her cum like that was Stephen. Amazed by his passion she turned to see that it was Stephen smiling at her with his gray hair. “I love you, Laura, Merry Christmas.”

The Picnic

“Would you care to go with me to enjoy a picnic?” Robert took Laura’s hand kissing it softly as she got lost in his eyes. The two sat on the couch in an intimate stare off. “What kind of picnic?” As she looked at him with soft cherry lips. Moving in closer as if to suck on her lips, the anticipation became noticeable as her breasts pumped with excitement. Amused by her desire he said, “The kind of picnic where I lay your body on a red blanket then open your legs and kiss your sweet pussy. ” Her cheeks were like roses; they became shy to his words. He knew a picnic would not fancy her but teasing her pussy is something she thoroughly enjoys. The temperature between them became sticky and hot as he moved her on to his lap. Again she looked at him for a kiss then said, “Are you going to tongue my pussy deeply?“smiling at him so young. Rubbing her back, he slid his hands down into her jeans and kept massaging her curvy ass. “No, I am going to spread your pussy lips apart and rub my tongue in a circle on your clit, then suck it gently while fingering that sweet strawberry center.” Laura’s emotions were all over her face, as the two met for a passionate kiss while still grabbing on to her ass. “Robert, when you suck on my clit I get so wet, what will you do with all that juice?” Grinding on him, he then said, “I will suck all your fat pussy juice and then rub my cock all in it.“She felt his passion run through her body then kissed him again while whispering onto his lips,” So how far away is this picnic?”