short stories

Missing You

Before Sebastian left for the airport he laid a white rose next to Karyn as she slept peacefully from a night of lustful passion. Stepping back from her, he stood in the door way taking in the last bit of essence from her voluptuous body. Smiling as he seen her toss between the sheets, his lips apart there came the words I love you. As the door shut behind him, he left thinking about their future.

Shortly, arriving at his home in Venice, Italy adjusting to life without Karyn became difficult with each passing day. The work as an engineer is endless but thoughts about her were intrusive. Every waking hour he thought about her and he often thought she might feel the same. However, there were no calls or emails at this point. Checking his phone often, he thought about just calling her but he didn’t want to seem impulsive.

One night while laying in bed he received a notification in his inbox. A smile came to his face when he seen that it is Karyn. Her email began with a small introduction to what she had been up to and that she Graduates with her PhD next week. Gratitude for his support made the message special and genuine. He began to close the email when he seen an video attachment with the words true love as the file name. Smiling again, the video came to life with Karyn as the focus in a pink see through top and panties. Instantly hard, she sat in a chair rubbing her perky nipples. Teasing him for a moment she spread her thick legs exposing her pink fat pussy that is set between fat chocolate walls. As Sebastian began to stroke his vanilla cock the video cut off. Anxious to get it back, the video wouldn’t open again. Falling over into his pillow mad, he decided to get up and for a sip of tea. Upon arriving to the kitchen there was a knock to his door. As the door open, he stood ready to greet anyone with anger because it was late. Refocusing his eyes, he seen that it is Karyn in the same outfit from the video. Staring at each other for a moment, he put her in a intimate hug then closed the door.

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