short stories

The Badeschiff

Our eyes met, when I entered the pool in my black crochet bikini. Wet with desire, I moved in close to the pool edge, while eyes set upon my frame. Yes, quite tall with chubby thighs and enormous breasts I set the tone for my own fantasy. Back turned, I felt a small kiss on my shoulder and it was him from across the pool. Turning to face him with anger, I was surprisingly greeted with a beautiful smile from the tall gentleman. “My name is Lukas and I have never seen something of your..” The next words came from my lips to his ear, “Mr. Lukas, I have never seen such a nice specimen like yourself but if you are referring to my color and size then there is a first time to see such a thing, don’t you think?” Smiling back at me, he pulled me into a hug as if we were long lost lovers. Resisting him, not in my interest yet I was cautious about playing with him. He looked into my eyes as I put my hands in his swimming briefs. His cock felt large in my hand and I began to stroke it slightly pulling it out. Although I knew this was a risk, the slow gasp from his lips told me it was okay. In a crowd of many, I went below into the water and began sucking on his large cock. I could feel his excitement as he started to fuck my mouth slowly as he stood in the water like a trained soldier. Under the water, I kept playing with my pussy as I sucked him faster. As our desire became the focus, he pulled me back up to him putting my back to the pool wall and started to fuck me like lovers do. Then a crowd of many became just two and we kept fucking till our passion drove us apart to the start where our eyes met.

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