When Marshall bakes chocolate chip cookies, he always leaves some melted chocolate on the stove just for me. Sometimes if I catch him in the process of making them he will ask me to help. One night, he decided to make some cookies and I asked him did he want my help which he replied, “Go away, I’m busy”. Marshall has never spoken to me that way so part of me felt like replying back but I didn’t. I shrugged off his mean behavior and went to my room and just laid in bed a little sad. As I was about to close my eyes Marshall comes in the room with a plate full of cookies, smiling at me. I was kind of mad but when I seen his grey eyes and smile I perked back up. Then he laid the plate of cookies next to me and then softly kissed my pink glossy lips. In the middle of the kiss I asked him why was he mean to me earlier and he said, ” I was trying to figure out how to keep the chocolate soft enough so that I could lick it inside your fat pussy baby.

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