Just a fuck 

Back to the wall, we made love in his kitchen while his wife slept upstairs. His cock deep inside me, my eyes closed for just a moment then I seen her at the top of the stairs. Feeling all his pleasure, my eyes fell upon her naked body as she watched me fuck her husband. She didn’t run to us in a jealous rage she just stood there rubbing her fat pussy. I moaned for her and she slumped against the wall massaging her clit. I knew she wanted more so I slid down in front of him and tapped his cock against my lips. Her eyes got low and I could see an essence of ecstasy surround her body. As my lips took in his cock, I seen a moan echo from her lips and it excited me. I went faster massaging his cock into my mouth when suddenly she looked at me, smiled and went back to her room.

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