Confession: 122

I opened the door to my room and there he stood with his back to me completely naked. I took one step forward and he spun around wrapping me in his hug. Not letting go, his kisses illuminated my neck as his cock stood firm against me. Looking into my eyes he announced his love for me as he raised my arms above my head while removing my shirt. He stood back for a moment and softly rubbed my nipples with his thumbs. Words were to come from my lips but he motioned for silence as he kept playing with my nipples. A rush of excitement took over me as he slowly flicked his tongue at my chocolate nipple. I giggled a little and he looked up at me smiling and said, “no giggle babe.” As I played into his authority he looked at me and said, ” I want to marry these nipples, so will you marry me? ” I wanted to giggle but I smiled instead while saying yes to his authority. Perky nipples

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