Laying in bed, all I want to do is cum all over this space but nothing is happening. I only arise from my bed because my mother is calling for me downstairs. Pancakes, the same thing everyday and its like she doesn’t know how to fix anything else. I am quick to dismiss them as I come down the stairs in my black leather jacket and ripped jeans. My dad hates my cold black hair, lip piercing, but its my fucking body so I mentally throw his comments in the trash. He says, “Michael be better than me.” However better than him would be anything because he is not shit to me. Now that I am in college he worries me daily about the costs. Money is the last thing on my mind, but thats all my father can scream about as I head out the door to school. I would drive to school but I like to walk through the neighborhood noticing all the doors lock because people fear the unknown. Not a criminal but people look at me as if my piercing blue eyes would find out who they truly are. There are no secrets to me yet I am the biggest secret here in town because I have chosen to talk to no one. Then Vicky walks out the door with tall skull covered socks and a short skirt hoping that I would put an answer to her question for the thousandth time.

“Hi Michael, can I walk with you to school?” I only flash a smile then I go in another direction totally avoiding her at all costs. Not interested, in someone hanging on to me to meet her relationship goals on Instagram. Upon arriving at school I realize that my robotics class in in the science lab. I could really give a fuck about robots but apparently Professor Tarvel assumes I am talented and wont let me drop it. There is only three more weeks and then my college days are behind me. Class almost comes to a close when Tarvel decides to gives us one last project. He wants us to design a robot hand with another person. The only thing I hate worse then waking up to come to school is working with another person on anything. Sitting in the back of the class I gaze over the sloppy head teens with bad acne to figure out who I would be paired up with on this project. “Michael your partner is Grace,” a quick glance pulled her away from my stare. Before I could go over there to speak she left the room not even looking back. I stood there for a moment as if the curve she just threw wasn’t obvious. Since my focus went back to this project, I decided to head out the door.

Sitting at my computer I decided to refer back to earlier today and search for Grace. She is not known around school and mostly keeps to herself. While in class I notice her unease as she sits in the chair. Her pillowed sides seep out exposing her soft Carmel skin. By the time I would notice her in class she would be out the door again. Some of the other girls would snicker in the back of the class because she wore short skirts and had large legs. Grace’s legs would peer out like hide n seek as she adjusted in the small chair. Some days I would feel uncomfortable for her and then other days I felt like saving her. A Google search lead me to her Facebook page which was surprisingly public but she had no friends. Also I noticed there was not a single picture besides the profile one. I leaned back in my chair, not wanting to go any further but then anger came over me. How is it that she would ignore someone like me? I am aware of who I am because people remind me daily how handsome I am. I knew this project had to be done so I decided to message her on Facebook. Minutes went by and still she erased me from her memory. I began to ponder sending a second message but it was getting late.

No sleep as I toss my body from one side to the next then suddenly I hear my mothers voice,”Michael please get up and come eat pancakes!” This circle of denial should eat at her mind but it doesn’t because that spark she once found in my eyes as a child is gone. Just as I headed out the door my father stood there still asking about college, I shrugged him off and left. Walking down my usual lane of destruction, I veered towards the left and saw a glimpse of Grace crossing the street. A pink sweater surrounded most of her while her jeans sagged somewhat at the back. My initial thought is to walk up and demand that she discuss the project but she escaped me once again. After contemplating what to do about Grace’s absence on the project, she walked in to the class room escaping my radar. As Mr. Tarvel kept talking, I kept my gaze on Grace wondering if she would keep trying to avoid me. A few minutes before class ended I decided to head to the bathroom. Upon returning I stopped Grace at the door,”Grace we need to go over our project,” her pink lips trembled a little as she responded with an “Ok.” Not sure why but I kept trying to look into her eyes yet her avoidance became obvious. Although she met with resistance I convinced her to sit at the picnic table behind the school.

Sitting across from her I began to realize she was uncomfortable. Not wasting time I began to discuss the project while her eyes would wonder to a much happier place. “Grace, you have to talk to me in order for us to finish this project,” I said to her as her face aligned with mine for the first time. Examining her again, I appear to be not the only resistance as her tight shirt began to roll up exposing her jiggly belly. My examination must of scared her some because she pulled it back down quickly. Part of me wanted it to raise back up like a car window which made me smile randomly. “Why are you smiling, ” she said as her body began to shift on the bench. “Grace, this project is due in a few days and I need your full participation. ” She agreed by nodding her head and began to rise from the picnic table. “Michael I will see you again tomorrow, ” she said looking at me directly this time.

That night I laid in bed thinking about every part of Grace, even the unseen. The way her bottom spread on the bench made me think of her pussy being pressed tightly as her lips massaged each other. Just thinking about her made me so wanting of her company.  I laid in bed for a few moments thinking about messaging her on Facebook but I knew my words would escape me since I never felt this way before. A replay of my face deep into her two jewels kept me awake most of the night. The suffering of not knowing how far I should go put me in an awkward mood. To sleep would be a waste of time and I found myself getting dressed and leaving the house to get some fresh air.

The picnic table at the school is where I go to reflect and regain my sanity. Arriving behind the school I could see someone sitting at my usual spot. “Grace, what are you doing here?” I asked as she turned around. “I couldn’t sleep so I found my way back to this place since my parents are at home arguing as usual.” Instantly I noticed that she was only wearing a long black tank and small shorts which exposed her sensual bottom. “Well its kind of cold out here really, ” as I draped my jacket around her shoulders. Her full pink lips uttered out a low thank you as I sat next to her. Trying to look into her brown eyes, she turned away from me. “Grace you can come home with me and stay in my room till the morning if you want,” her head lifted to align with my face and lips started to say no but she said yes.

Usually I would have to sneak girls in but nobody was home with me. Grace came into my room and I motioned for her to sit on my bed but she shook her head with hesitation. To put her mind at ease I jumped on the bed really hard letting her know it was fine to lay there. I thought about not offering a blanket to see more of her body but I knew my desire has to wait. She comfortably laid on my bed and as I laid on the floor watching her as she closed her eyes. The two of stayed like that for a while and then she said, “Michael sorry to wake you up but thanks for being so kind to me.” I hesitated to respond because I wanted to say more than your welcome. She laid her head back down nestling her chubby arm as her eyes began to close once again. I don’t know why but I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead then her eyes opened again.

Her brown eyes got big as if I had did something so wrong. I began to say sorry when she pulled me close and sucked her lips into mine. I stayed there for a moment thinking about what to do next because there were so many places I wanted to touch. Our kisses became deeper as I began to pull her shirt up over her head. The two jewels were big, round and poking towards my lips. I grabbed both and massaged them into my face which made Grace sit up. Then I parted her thighs and sucked each nipple as if I would never see them again. Her head tilted back and she began to moan some as sucked each mountain into my lips. I then stood up and put her hands in mine pulling her up alongside me. Face to face she stood a little shorter than me and wrapped my arms around her belly feeling each section between my fingers. “Grace, if you want me say yes,’ waiting for her answer I pulled my shirt over my head. My grey jogging pants exposed my hard cock rising to meet her. Then Grace turned and said, “No I don’t want you,” feeling crushed my excitement started to fade.

“Do you want me?” Grace said as I began to turn and walk away. I locked eyes with her then nodded. Her panties fell to the floor and I laid back on my bed and told her to jump on me. Her face became red as she smiled, shaking her head no. I sat up and pulled her towards me and let each thigh surround my waist. My cock became the focus as I went up inside her. Her warmth surrounded my cock and I felt that I would explode inside her so fast. I motioned her to rotate slow as her pussy swallowed my hard cock. Dripping down the sides of my cock I began to fade into ecstasy like never before. Each part of her surrounded me and I felt warm as I fell into her pussy. I fought off my climax for a moment and began to slide my cock between her breasts as she licked the tip. The hold out was intense and I told Grace I was going to cum and then she opened her mouth wide. As I pulled into her chubby lips she began to suck my cock all the way to her throat. “Michael let me have it,” her acknowledgement sent my cum spraying into her mouth and I started to shake all over. She held me in her lips till each drip was gone from my tip. Standing there watching her lips drip with my cum, I began to smile. She started to shy away and put her clothes but I didn’t want that. I pulled her close to me and wrapped her in my arms and went to sleep.

The next day Grace had went back home and I looked for her in each of my classes but she avoided me. Going back home without talking to her would drive me insane, so I decided to go and sit on the picnic table behind the school. Grace must of read my mind because she was sitting there smiling at me. I smiled back at her and sat behind her on the bench hugging each part of her while kissing down her neck. Then we sat there within each other talking about the project that we are never going to do.

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