The Best

The wind from the window blew soft kisses on my skin as the sun gave me a glimpse of my day. Awakening next to Alejandro was a treat while visiting in Spain. His big brown eyes staring into me gave the most ultimate comfort. A ruffle of the bed covers and he went down in between my thighs taking a peek at my fat pussy. My giggle made his arousal apparent as I felt his tongue flick in between the folds of my wet pussy. My thighs became a cradle to his body as his dark wavy hair took center stage to my pleasure. In sync like a beautiful piece of music, he came up to meet my rosy lips and we met smiling at each other like lovers do. In that moment, just for a second I thought about his young body all over mine enjoying me like the best wine. Although our age is not far, he made me feel beautiful and young again. A look into his beautiful eyes, he took me by the hand leading me to the balcony that had an overlook of the Bay of Biscay. My robe slightly apart, I had taken in the sun as Alejandro slowly crept up my thighs massaging my chubby ass into his hands. Spreading my cheeks apart, he slowly slid his big cock inside of me. Holding on to the the balcony I felt him pour all his love inside me as his hands held to my nipples softly rubbing them. As close as we are, I knew he was just my fairy tale so as he laid kisses to my neck while giving me the best cock I ever had, my eyes closed.

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