Never in a million years, would I have ever thought that the Eiffel Tower would serve as a beautiful backdrop to a day so precious. Jonathan, my knight and protector keeled before me holding a precious diamond that glistened against the moonlight above us. Looking down at him a smile radiated across my face that infatuated a crowd of strangers who cheered and blew kisses to us as I said, “Yes I will be your wife!” In his own excitement, Jonathan picked me up within his arms then laid kisses to my full cherry lips. Then in a soft whisper he said to me, “Your night is far from over my love” as he placed me gently back to my standing place. A slow grab of my hand and we began to run like children to a vacant bench which welcomed the eye of the moonlight. Gazing into his dark blue eyes, I fell into his kiss wanting his touch all over me. The tease made my nipples perk up and Jonathan began to unfasten my blouse kissing wildly down my chest. His lips pulled at my hard nipples as I moaned softly wanting him inside me. Although out in public, he bent me over the bench exposing my black panties. A rustle in the bushes put me on alert then I heard a voice in the distance. “Charming she is, your soon to be wife” said a gentlemen in a dark fancy suit. The stranger came over to me and spanked my fat ass. Jonathan got under me, sitting on the bench as the stranger massaged and smacked my cheeks. I didn’t know why Jonathan was allowing this but I didn’t want it to stop. As he sucked my nipples I could feel Jonathan rubbing my wet pussy. As my pussy lips trembled, the stranger pushed apart my ass cheeks and began to lick me from the back. My emotions were all over as they both pleasured my body into pure submission. The stranger then pushed his hard cock inside my anal making me moan as Jonathan played with my pussy lips. I wanted to cum so bad but Jonathan kissed inside my lips and said, “No not yet baby.” A sensation of pleasure went through my whole body as I was being fucked by my love and this dream cock. As I began to show that I couldn’t hold back any longer, Jonathan looked into my eyes then said, ” I love you and no matter what fantasy you have, I will fulfill them all.

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