Confessions · Vacation

Confession: 121

The sun within my reach, I stepped onto the beach of Sandy Cay in the British Virgin Islands wearing a skimpy two piece swimsuit that showcases my assets as on lookers gasp. Chubby in all the right places, I walk over to a an exclusive area of the beach and lay down my towel. The sun slightly touches me when I realize I should of worn some type of sunscreen. As I reach into my bag for my skin saver, I see a man staring at me from across the beach. Athletic in his build, he starts walking towards me as if I had something he desperately wanted. Adjusting my swimsuit, I sat there as he moved in closer within my grasp. We both gazed at each other for a moment as his walking came to a halt. Then he said, “You are something of a dream and if you stayed in mine I would never want to wake up.” A smile came across my face, as he gently keeled down beside me taking hold of my sunscreen. My first thought, is that he would use it for his self but then his hand began to caress my leg softly. Although the beach, swelled with all kinds of people that didn’t stop my new friend from exploring me deeply. His green eyes stared into my soul as he parted my legs rubbing the sunscreen in between my big thighs. Each feel of his hand widen my pussy lips and I could feel them pulse with anticipation. My body became hot as he teased me, sliding my swim bottom to the side a little he played with my wet pussy. Then he looked into my eyes and said, “Let me taste this fat pussy” as my lips started to tremble wanting his tongue. “No, there is too many people and someone might see us” shaking my head no as I looked around.  That’s when he looked into my eyes and said, “Look around again, I closed the beach just for you nobody is here, now let me kiss this fat pussy. “

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